New Monster Truck Mayhem kickstarter

So I probably should ask, what is different about the game than last time it was on kickstarter?

I'm sure it's similar to New Bedford in that designs are more polished.

The structure of the Kickstarter is different, as well. We experimented with the first launch (no stretch goals, etc.). This launch is a lot more traditional. Stretch goals, promos, all the goodies.

I think part of the trouble is that racing games are a niche game market, and monster truck is a even more narrow of a niche. 


Yup, I think that you are right! It is too bad, because the game is super fun! However, like with Sentinels Story War, the beauty of Kickstarter is that it helps us determine if there is enough demand for a product before we commit money to producing it. :)

And a real-time game is another, narrow nicheā€¦ The actual reason I can't back it. :confused:

Both MTM and Bot9th work with their real-time elements turned into turn-based style.  MTM includes the rules to do it.

This game would almost need to be a small print game that would have to build traction from in order to get rereleased.  But that kind of time and investment with little return isn't feasible for a company GtG's size.

I do find it surprising that New Bedford could get 100k and Monster truck Mayhem can't get 25k.  I guess whaling doesn't put off people as much as real time dice do.

I would either release pnp files and let people build a cult following, or maybe put an advetiser in the shipment of your other products. Maybe keep demoing it at the the boorh this next year conventions. I think you can overcome the niche aspect if you can get more buzz going on about it.