Newbie question about blight

So I’ve just been playing mobile since the iOS release. Might pick up the physical game later. Eying sales because it is a pretty hefty investment right now.

Anyway, the question is about the blight card. Is there no way to flip it back off the blighted island side? Even if all the blight has been cleared off the board after the flip, there’s no way to flip back?

I don’t believe any of the Blight Cards have an ability to flip back. Now that could be something done in the future but once flipped it remains on that side till the game ends.

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Once the island’s blighted, it’s not recovering any time soon, even if the blight is cleaned up. That’s the risk of allowing blight!

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Got it. Figured it was worth asking, as the other major “life” (rather than time, represented by exploration and fear… at least in my head) - the villages - CAN be replenished (River’s Bounty and Call of the Dahan Ways).