Next releases?

Ho guys. Dors anybody have news on the planned release dates for the upcoming sourcebooks and adventure books?

No dates have been stated. The Guise book seems to be the next one up based on what we’ve heard about/what we’ve seen previews from in the Kickstarter updates.

Basically they’re, very generally, planning for 1 main release a year. They also hope that they can beat that, but no promises.

From this update Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game by GreaterThanGames » End of 2020! — Kickstarter this is what they’ve said about release timeline

“After the physical book of the RPG rules are sent out, which books do you foresee will be the “next” one on the table? Do you have a probable timeline on what books are coming out at what time approximately?”
That depends on what order writing, editing, art, and layout gets finished. We have a rough plan, but are also aware of the realities of creative work - some things will take more time than anticipated, but some will also take less. Our goal is a minimum of one book per year (which we are confident we can beat) in this order:

  • The Guise Book
  • The monsters adventures book
  • History of Sentinel Comics
  • Sentinel Comics Zine
  • Dark Watch
  • Urban Settings

Ugh. One year per sourcebook is quite am awful lot of time. I really hope they manage to speed things up.

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I’m not too concerned from an RPG perspective; the core book is quite complete and if nothing else if ever finished I’m good to go.

My main concern is from a lore perspective; C+A have been reluctant to discuss things that are planned for upcoming books. I don’t really want to wait 3-5 years to hear about what Dark Watch is up to, never mind the Cosmic stuff that isn’t even in an upcoming book yet…


Yeah, and I have a nibling who is excited to be able to play Tempest… :frowning: Guess I’m going to have to figure out a way to stat him up unofficially. :pensive: