OblivAeon Game Log (Retry)

Having lost the weekly battle “The Source of Foes” a couple more times since my first major attempt, I eventually decided that attempting to simply WIN was more important than trying to take advantage of my future knowledge, since it seemed unlikely that this knowledge would accomplish anything. So I tried yet again, and finally things managed to go my way (sort of).

Once again, we have Aeon Master in zone 1 and Progeny in zone 2, and OblivAeon beings the game with a Tear Through Reality, dealing 14 damage to each of the Prime Warden promo heroes (and 12 net to Aeon Master after he spawns and reabsorbs an Aeon Thrall), and gaining one Devastation.
DS 1
Aeon Vassal and 2x Aeon Locus are played into zone 2, and Devastation happens again.
DS 2
Source of Foes plays Aeon Vassal, then Argent is up. As before, I played Arcane Cadence, and used it to make sure I had an Instrument in hand this time, so that I could successfully complete the Great Fortune mission. Inventive Preparation is played, then Conduct plays Rhapsody of Vigor before granting a card play to Fanatic, who plays Zealous Offense. Lucky Break arrives, bringing two Instruments with him, and Vernal Sonata is both selected as the freebie card and is the only card Argent can play as a result, so all the heroes gain 2 HP {AA 13, CC 16, Fanatic 17, Tempest 15, Haka 23}, and the Arcane Cadence is the only card that can be recycled by the first VS. Chain Lightning is then played, hitting Aeon Master for 4 {44}; he plays Aeon Locus, and Tempest zaps that {3}, then deals 2 more damage to the Aeon Vassal {3}. Haka does his Shielding dance, getting a Battle Haka in his hand and discarding Intercession. The second Sonata recycles Chain Lightning and Haka of Shielding, and Argent is finally done.

Shuffling the Mission deck, CC plays a Cosmic Weapon (turns out I was wrong about not having that option last time). Hitting Aeon Master again {41}, the Captain forces AM to play an Aeon Thrall. Draws Dynamic Siphon.

Fanatic puts The Red Menace into play, and Zealous Offense prevents it from dealing any damage, also targeting an Aeon Vassal. Plays Aegis of Resurrection, then uses Resolute {14}; she gets Absolution again {15}, but rather than using it, she grants a power to AA, who Conducts out a Silver Shadow, triggering Inventive Preparation. NOW Tempest plays Electrical Storm, and Argent draws Arcane Cadence. Haka of Battle is also played, drawing a Ground Pound and the Shielding Haka again, then discarding Mere. Fanatic draws Prayer of Desperation.

Tempest puts Building a King into play, then Lightning Storm fires off, reducing Aeon Locus to {2}, Thrall to {3}, Vassal to {2}, and the Red Menace to {13}, while Aeon Master falls to {40} and plays a new Thrall, who enters at {3}. Chain Lightning then destroys both Aeon Thralls and the Vassal, and then Arc of Power burns Tempest down to {12} so he can play a Ball Lightning, finishing off the Locus. The Oblivion Shield goes down in record time, and the first Chain Lightning is redrawn. Then Building A King discards one Absolution, destroys another one plus both Instruments, and turns into T-Rex Bot, who gives Aeon Master a big chomp {31}.

After moving to zone 2, Haka of Shielding is played again, drawing both Enduring Intercessions and discarding one. Haka of Battle is then played, Dominion and Savage Mana, discards the other Intercession, and Haka draws Taiaha. I think he shuffled the Mission deck at the start of that turn, but regardless nothing interesting happens at the end.

Blast Doors are played again, and as happened in the second game, Certain Finality destroys Cosmic Weapon and doesn’t cause Progeny to move to zone 1. Aeon Master plays Aeon Thrall, and since all the “real” heroes are battered, the Thrall punches Lucky Break {18}.

Maerinya plays Unexpected Microburst, hitting both Aeon Loci {4 each} and the Vassal {3}, while Progeny falls to {48} and gains a token. PW Haka wastes his 4 damage reduction, and this is unfortunate because Scatter Slaughter is then played, so Progeny deals 5 to him {18} and then another 4 {14}, before Progeny gains a token [2] and then shoots Haka for another 2 {12}. As if he’s not battered enough, Aeon Vassal deals him another 1 {11}, then the Loci heal each other by 1 and the Vassal by 2, putting them all at 5.

OblivAeon plays The Abyss Stares Back, which Devastates.
DS 3
Absorb Energy chains out; the Red Menace is the first to take 8 {5}, then an Aeon Thralls is destroyed and heal the Menace {7}. Aeon Master also heals to {33} and then gets blasted down to {25}; it plays an Aeon Vassal, blowing him up and Devastating again.
DS 4
Lucky Break falls to {10}, Argent to {5}, CC to {8}, Fanatic to {7}, and Tempest to {4}. Since Lucky Break counts as the fifth hero instead of Haka, no Devastation is triggered. T-Rex Bot then takes its hit {8}. OblivAeon takes his first damage {9999}, the Red Menace falls to {6}, and Aeon Master to {24}. One Devastation somehow results despite five hero character cards having been hit.
DS 5
Aeon Thrall, Aeon Warrior, and Aeon Vassal enter zone 2. OA then devastates again.
DS 6

A True Hero in the End goes into play, not that Argent plans on taking the hit for it; he plays Counterpoint Bulwark, then Conducts out Instrumental Conjuration, fetching Xu’s Bell and drawing Alacritous Subdominant. The Bulwark’s accompany text allows Tempest to draw Into the Stratosphere. Argent then gets thrown to zone 2 by Counteraction Aura, and it plays Aeon Locus there with him. Draws Alacritous Subdominant, then Lucky Break does his thing. Telamon’s Lyra is revealed, and only Haka has an equipment to play, his Taiaha, and then both of these go into play.

Captain Cosmic puts Nature’s Compulsion into play, then plays Vitality Conduit on Tempest. He skips his power due to the Counteraction Aura, then draws Harsh Offense before migrating to zone 2 and gaining a token.

Fanatic moves between zones, shuffles the mission deck, and continues to stun the Red Menace and a random Aeon Man into immobility. Playing Chastise for some reason on an Aeon Man (not sure if it’s the same one), then uses Resolute {4}, Final Dives an Aeon Thrall into the Red Menace {2}, and declines an additional power. Draws End of Days.

Tempest picks up The Nations in Ruins, then the Lightning Storm goes off, hitting OblivAeon {9998}, Aeon Master {23} who plays an Aeon Warrior, and that Warrior {6}. He plays Chain Lightning, dealing 4 to Aeon Master {19}, 3 to the Vitality Conduity {1}, healing himself to {6}, and 2 to T-Rex Bot {1}. The Bot then zaps OblivAeon {9997}, Aeon Master {18}, and the Warrior {5}. Tempest activates Arc of Power, not playing any cards but getting shoved by Counteraction Aura, which plays Aeon Vassal. Drawing Lightning Slash, he sics T-Rex Bot on Progeny {49} and gives him a token, then his new Mission puts Bionic Patroller and Softball-Sized Hail. El Mejor Legado arrives, he punches Progeny for 3 {46}, and Tempest is done.

Taking on To Hope for the Dawn, Haka plays Ground Pound, discards Dominion and Savage Mana, and then Taiahas Progeny for 5 {41} thanks to those Hakas of Battle from so long ago. Progeny gains a token, then the Red Menace gets thumped into submission with the other end of the Taiaha, bringing The Everyman to the table over in Fanatic’s play area. Haka draws Elbow Smash.

Fort Adamant plays General Armstrong, then Bionic Patroller deals Aeon Master 3 Energy {15}, and Aeon Locus enters play. The General shoots Aeon Warrior {3}, then Devastation occurs.
DS 7
Aeon Assault is played, bringing out an Aeon Warrior and dumping them all in zone 1; Aeon Master plays Aeon Warrior, the Loci heal any of the damaged AMs, and a whole lot of nothing else happens.

Maerinya plays Hurricane Shield, then Terrible Burden brings Dark Mind out. Progeny gains a token, Dark Mind steals a Dominion from Haka while ditching two Vitality Surges from his deck, and then OblivAeon goes again.

After counting down, Blivs plays Summon Scion, bringing Voidsoul into zone 2 along with Aeon Thrall and Aeon Locus. Putting a Vassal and two Thralls into zone 1, he eats his Thrall to heal himself {9999} and Progeny {43}, after which he pops the Locus, plays Absorb Energy, and gains 5 Devastation since there are no heroes onsite.
DS 12
He then Devastates again.
DS 13

Argent starts his turn by getting out of dodge; he trades A True Hero for The Digital Age, then plays Arcane Cadence. Akpunku’s Drum goes to his hand, Inventive Preparation and Inspiring Supertonic bookend his deck,
and he trashes Rhapsody of Vigor to play another Cadence. This one gives him Inventive Preparation (trash), another Arcane Cadence (hand), Instrumental Conjuration (topdeck), Syncopated Onslaught (bottom), and yet another Arcane Cadence, which he of course plays. Because why stop at ten cards when you could juggle fifteen? This time, Instrumental Conjuration gets played, Scherzo of Frost and Flame is trashed, Sarabande of Destruction goes back on top, and two more Instrumental Conjurations go to his hand and the bottom of his deck. Grabbing Musaragni’s Harp from the trash, he avoids shuffling and draws the Sarabande; after that, he rings Xu’s Bell. The Bulwark protects Argent and Lucky Break, and Argent draws Silver Shadow from the Bulwark’s Accompany, then Polyphoric Flare on his draw phase. Lucky Break turns up a Vernal Sonata, allowing Argent to play the second Conjuration and fetch out Eydisar’s Horn, drawing Inspiring Supertonic. The Sonata then heals Argent {6} and Lucky {11}, and he moves Silver Shadow from his trash back onto his deck, where The Digital Age promptly reveals it. He made sure to have the Drum in hand for just this purpose; discarding it, he plays Silver Shadow, and the Bulwark lets him draw Cedistic Dissonant and play Inspiring Supertonic. Omni-Unity joins the battle, and all the Instruments come alive (now that’s what I call a techno soundtrack!). Eydisar’s Horn shocks Aeon Master {14}, who plays a Vassal; the Harp, Lyra, and Bell all then follow suit, as does Argent himself and then Lucky Break and finally Omni-Unity, leaving AM at {8} after the full salvo. At last, Argent is done with his turn, and it’s high time I posted a part of this log, since I’m clearly never going to finish it in one go.

Since I started the process of converting this immense log for human readability, I have lost the ability to access logs of future games, so this may be the last one I ever post (though I have a few older ones I might eventually get around to uploading). So I’d better get cracking on the staggeringly vast task of getting it done.

Okay, so we resume with Prime Wardens Captain Cosmic, who moves to Zone 1 and gains a Nature’s Compulsion token. Shuffling the Mission deck, he plays Dynamic Siphon on the Argent Adept, activates Absorption, and draws Vitality Conduit. Declining to move again after his turn, he’s done; just imagine, not doing basically an entire second turn during your end step, like Argent did right before him.

Joining the others in zone 1, Fanatic adds Hermetic Evolved to her collection of pet villains, immediately placing him under the effect of Zealous Offense, along with the Bionic Patroller. Chastise destroys itself, and then she plays Prayer of Desperation, drawing Aegis of Resurrection, Smite the Transgressor, Consecrated Ground, Divine Sacrifice, and “Absolution”. Zealous Offense also destroys itself due to this act of peace, and then a moment too late to count as the necessary violence (not that it would work since it’s not coming from Fanatic directly), the Everyman socks the Aeon Master, leaving him at {2} and shuffling the Aeon Men Deck in order to play a Thrall.

Tempest flees to zone 1 along with everyone else, he shuffles the Mission Deck, and then he made a series of missteps which he then undid. His plan was to kill the Aeon Master, but for whatever reason I decided against doing that, probably because it would have resulted in a new Scion entering play, and that Scion would be Empyreon, and he’d deal 1 damage to everything, triggering Dynamic Siphon among other effects. Instead, he chooses to remain where he is, and his Legado-boosted Lightning Storm hits OblivAeon {9997}, Dark Mind {24}, Progeny {41 plus a token}, and some Nemesis damage to Voidsoul {37}, after which he throws a Lightning Slash at Progeny, unfortunately tripping over the Hurricane Shield, so that his total damage is only 4 {37}. After that, he activates Arc of Power, choosing to play 0 additional cards, but still getting shoved to zone 1 and playing another Aeon Thrall for having activated a power. Tempest draws Gene-Bound Shackles, then T-Rexbot nearly annihilates Hermetic with 10 damage {1}. Legato then claims the honor of doing in Aeon Master, and 17 Aeon Men (four Warriors, four Loci, and some number of Vassals and Thralls) are all shuffled away. Only now does Empyreon arrive, and Devastation goes down, though not enough to matter.
DS 12

Haka joins everyone else in zone 1, leaving the Maerynian Refuge to burn; trading in Hope For The Dawn for A War-Torn Landscape, he loses Ground Pound, does nothing, and draws Haka of Shielding and Taiaha. The new mission plays Codename: Highbrow and Doctor Demikahv, and General Armstrong feeds the party Syncopated Onslaught, Sustained Influence, Brutal Censure, Otherworldly Resilience, and Taiaha.

Fort Adamant starts its turn; Tempest discards his hand of 4 cards, unfortunately including a Reclaim From The Deep, and the Blast Doors slam shut for the turn, destroying Highbrow and then Demikahv as well as the Patroller. Armstrong is an unfortunate casualty of this process, but it ensures that no new troubles arise. The scion deck plays Wave of Oppression; Empyreon blasts the Dynamic Siphon again, and apparently I’m just desperate to not let that happen, because I Undid again, choosing not to use the Blast Doors after all. EMP Cannon enters play, General Armstrong shoots Hermetic Evolved and turns him into a Bloodstone, then Highbrow deals 2 net damage to Vitality Conduit, with Armstrong and Demikahv playing tug-of-war on her damage to no net effect. The Conduit had only 1 HP, so it’s destroyed; Absorption triggers, shuffling it into the deck, and Captain Cosmic draws Destructive Response. Highbrow then destroys T. Rex Bot, and her third attack goes to Demikahv, with Armstrong no longer holding her back, leaving the Doctor at {1}. NOW Wave of Oppression is played, destroying the Blast Doors, and the damage starts with the Everyman {12}, so Fanatic draws Holy Nova. The four animated instruments of Argent’s and Omni-Unity’s techno-symphony are all reduced to {3}, and the Bulwark-protected Argent takes only 1 damage {5}, as does Lucky Break {10}, while Omni-Unity goes down to {13}. At last, Empyreon is finally allowed to hit the Siphon {2}, but for whatever reason I don’t actually choose to use a power. Empyreon deals nemesis damage to CC {5}, and Fanatic is left at {2}, while Tempest has {4} to El Mejor Legado’s {18}, and Haka has {9}. Bionic Patroller falls to {8}, Highbrow to {5}, and the indestructible Demikahv to {-1}, while the EMP Cannon has {6} and General Armstrong is at {4}. The party discards Sarabande of Destruction, Construct Cataclysm, End of Days, Otherworldly Resilience, and Taiaha. Empyreon destroys Rhapsody of Vigor, and the Zone 1 Enviro-Scion turns are done.

Maerynian Lightning-Dome enters play; Softball-Sized Hail deals 2 to Oblivaeon {9995}, Dark Mind {22}, Progeny {35 and a token}, and Voidsoul {35} HP. The scion turn begins, and the three scions don’t find three heroes opposing them, so they Devastate once each.
DS 15
Progeny flips, and Aeon Assault is played; Aeon Vassal joins the immense army already in play, and takes 2 damage from Hurricane Shield {3}. Progeny loses a token but has nothing to attack; Voidsoul plays Terrible Burden, and Rainek Kel’Voss joins the battle. Rainek fires on Progeny for 14, of which he resists 6, and the Hurricane shield cuts another 2, so 6 is left to get through {29}.

OblivAeon counts down, then spends 12 Devastation.
DS 3
Maerynian Refuge is replaced with Nexus of the Void; Oblivaeon deals 25 irreducible to Progeny {4}, and 1 more than that to Rainek because of Nemesis {64}; Voidsoul is left at {10}, and then an Aeon Vassal is obliterated, which Devastates.
DS 4
Dark Mind is obliterated, putting Haka’s Dominion into play; Borr the Unstable replaces her, which removes 1 Devastation.
DS 3
Borr immediately takes 25 damage which reduces him to {5}, giving him one token; Blivs now plays Tear Through Reality, traveling to zone 1 and dealing 14 damage across the board. Fanatic dies to the Infernal damage and resurrects at {10} thanks to the Aegis, then falls to {3} from the Psychic hit; the Everyman goes down to {5} and feeds her a Brutal Censure, after which he’s finished off. Highbrow heals to 7 because of the death, and then immediately after that she herself is killed; Haka draws Mere from this death, and then Doctor Demikahv succumbs to her injuries without a Subject to keep her indestructible, with her destruction allowing him to draw another Mere, after which OblivAeon promptly kills him.
DS 4
Protected slightly by Counterpoint Bulwark, Argent is nonetheless demolished by the first of OblivAeon’s hits.
DS 5
Tempest then also goes down.
DS 6
And Captain Cosmic.
DS 7
Blivs now attacks Empyreon, with the first hit leaving him at {23}; the Scion retaliates against him {9994}, self-damages {22}, and pokes the sole surviving hero, Fanatic {2}, as well as the Bionic Patroller {7}, the EMP Cannon {5}, and General Armstrong {3}. OblivAeon finishes trouncing Empyreon {15}, then goes on to obliterate the Environment targets, and finally adds a Devastation.
DS 8
An Aeon Warrior sandwich on Aeon Thrall bread enters the second zone, and OblivAeon devastates again.
DS 9

Remember, this is the game that I won, although it’s currently difficult to see how. New heroes are about to release the ones we just lost, and they’ll make short work of what’s left of these Scions.

The Argent Adept is replaced with Unity! Captain Cosmic is replaced with Legacy! Tempest is replaced with Parse! Haka is replaced with Sky-Scraper! All of these heroes move to Zone 2.

Unity retrieves Lucky Break, then puts him into play. Draws Powered Shock Wave, then lucks into a couple of Construction Pylons, and Sky plays Rebounding Debilitator on Voss.

Legacy is about to heals himself with CC’s incap ability, but I use Undo to move him to zone 1 first, so he can heal Fanatic {4}. Legacy plays Next Evolution, making himself immune to energy damage, and Counteraction Aura shoves him back to zone 2, playing an Aeon Thrall. This was apparently not my plan, so I Undid again, played Danger Sense instead, and skips his power, drawing Take Down.

Fanatic abandons Zone 1 with everyone else; she puts Hellion into play, then plays “Absolution”, healing to {5} and using it to stab Hellion {10}. Draws Sacrosanct Martyr, discards Brutal Censure to Bloodstone, and takes 1 from Hellion {4}, who then hits Unity {25}, Lucky Break (19), Fanatic {3}, Parse {25}, and Sky {33}.

(warning: none of the next couple paragraphs actually happen)
Parse retrieves T. Rex Bot and puts it into play, shooting Borr {3} to give him another token, and draws Impossible Shot. She changes her mind and shoots Aeon Warrior instead {5}. Trexbot eats Borr, who explodes for just 1+1, failing to scratch Progeny and Rainek, but leaving Voidsoul at {8}. Two Aeon Thralls are left at {2}, Aeon Warrior at {3}, Hellion at {8}, and then he zaps Trex-Bot {9}, who retaliates in kind, killing the Aeon Thralls and leaving the Warrior at {1}, Hellion and Voidsoul at {6}. Unity and Parse fall to {23}, Lucky Break to {17}, Fanatic to {1}, and Sky-Scraper at {30}. Borr’s destruction un-Devastates us a little.
DS 8.
And then, I freaking Undo again! Parse gets back to shooting Borr, leaving him at 3 HP and 2 tokens, and then Trex eats Voidsoul, leaving the barest shred of him intact {1}.

Sky-Scraper uses Haka’s incap power to increase her next damage by 2, plays Thorathian Monolith, and claps. She finishes off Borr, who explodes for 2+2, in addition to her own 2, and the backlash from Trexbot for another 2, resulting in 8 damage across the board except to the armored Progeny and Rainek. Voidsoul dies immediately, healing Unity, Parse and Lucky break to full, Fanatic to {6}, and then when I notice that they capped their healing and are about to take more damage, I naturally undo again, though infuriatingly I have to go all the way back to Parse’s turn.
(Resuming play for the last time, I hope.)

With Trexbot in play and Borr shot down to 3, Trexbot attacks Progeny, getting 3 damage through and leaving him at {1}. Sky then plays a Colossal Left Hook, dealing 5 to Voidsoul to cut him in half. Discarding a Neutralizing Resonator, she plays the Monolith and claps for 2 damage, leaving Hellion at 8, Borr at 1 with 3 tokens, Voidsoul at 3, and she draws another Monolith.

Fort Adamant plays Aggressive Volunteering; Oblivaeon takes a tiny zap {9993}, then Empyreon cracks open for more global damage, leaving him at {13}, his boss at {99992}, and Legacy at (31} since he ignores the environment. On the scion turn, Relentless Hunter is played, and Legacy takes 5 {26}. Legacy discards Next Evolution.

Nexus of the Void plays Ember Dunes; Hellion falls to {7}, Voidsoul to {2}, Aeon Thrall at {1}, Warrior at {4}, and then Borr exploding, destroying the Dunes before it can hit any heroes. Voidsoul dies prematurely again, healing the heroes of what little damage they’ve taken; Devastation falls to 8 again, and Sanction is hit for the first time, taking 4+4 nemesis damage {47}, killing the Aeon Men, and leaving Hellion at {1}. All the damage to heroes is redirected to Sky, who takes only 1+1 per hit, leaving her finally at {21}. Nixious the Chosen replaces Borr, and Desolation goes down again.
DS 7
Relentless Hunter is played again, and Progeny deals 5-2 to Sky, leaving her at {18}. Progeny deals another 6-2 damage several times, directly or indirectly targeting Sky each time, in cold {14}, then in lightning {10}, and lastly in fire {6} before he loses a token. Rainek would then obliterate Sky if not for her Debilitator, which is destroyed. Rainek blasts Sanction for 7 {40}, then she heals to {43} and shoots Sky for net 1 {5}. Nixious chews on Sky’s ankle to no effect, unable to reach any of the heores, and then we’re finally done with this unending, frustrating round.