OblivAeon to destroy Spiff's Tactics site

Just an FYI, with the large amount of content I'll be posting with OblivAeon, I'll need to find ways to save storage space on my website.  Since Tactics is no longer a going concern, that's a logical place to reclaim space so when I post up the new OblivAeon accessories (whenever that will be, I've lost track of when it's supposed to be coming at this point), I'll be taking down the Tactics section of my site.  So if there's anything on the Tactics site you want, be sure to grab it before OblivAeon comes out.


You must be stuck with the world's crappiest webhost if 75MB makes much of a difference.

Good thing I already made the buildings! Thanks, Spiff.

Always elegant.  Thanks for chiming in!

Thanks for the update, Spiff.

My point was to send some sympathy your way and that if you'd like either help finding a better but still affordable webhost or a donation of webspace so you don't have to lose your files, it can be offered, but if you'd rather be that way about it then OK I guess.

Edit: Basically: Dropbox offers 2GB of space for free and AFAIK does not care about files stored on it being remotely linked to on websites. I can also offer some of my own webspace.

But I didn't know if the problem really was "yeah my webhost is really tiny in its limits and it sucks" or "I just don't feel like I want to worry about maintaining a Tactics section anymore so I'm using the storage thing as a reason to free up headspace", hence my response in the hopes of a reply that would illuminate the issue more before I made an offer. But again, if that's the reply I got instead, then OK I guess. :confused:

Might be able to get them uploaded to the official wiki, too.  >G has granted you their official blessing, after all, and I'd guess there's space there to spare.

Yeah that crossed my mind too after I made my post. Might need to update the wiki config to handle non-image files (I forget what's pre-baked into MediaWiki nowadays), but it could probably be a thing.

So did this end up being on the WIki?


Andy (arenson9) graciously copied all my Tactics stuff to his site (http://spatzel.net/arenson/sentineltactics/) so it won't get lost.  I don't know if anything's been done to the wiki.