Order of the Published Adventures

My group will soon finish the Starter Kit, and I plan on having them roll up new heroes to begin a new custom campaign. I’m going to use a bunch of the published adventures while also mixing in my own stuff, and I’m trying to figure out the order that the published adventures happen in. I understand that it’s my campaign, I could do it however I want, but I’d rather know the canon order and stick with it unless it really doesn’t jive with my planned adventures.

So we know that Urban Infestation happens after Stolen Legacy and Battle of the Bands based on the sidebar in Urban Infestation, but where does Off the Rails fit in? Conspiracy of Clones seems like it would happen last, and the Guise adventures are, as one would expect, very disconnected from everything else plot-wise, and could be slotted in anywhere.

So my gut says the order is 1) Stolen Legacy 2) Battle of the Bands 3) Urban Infestation 4) Off The Rails 5) Conspiracy of Clones G) Guise adventures go whenever they want, but I could see Off The Rails being 2 or even 1.

Are there any places that have an official answer? If not, what are people’s thoughts?

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If you want an official answer I’d say send a letter to the Letters Page The Letters Page!

Personally I believe your order is correct.

All of the comic titles that the post-Starter Kit adventures are from began the same month, so just line them up by their issue numbers regardless of title.
Stolen Legacy is Legacy #1 from May 2017
Off the Rails is Justice Comics #4, Battle of the Bands is Daybreak #4, and Adventuring Party in Guise #4 are all from August 2017.
Conspiracy of Clones is Tome of the Bizarre #7, Urban Infestation Daybreak #7, and A Royal Wager from Guise #7 are all from November 2017.

The fact that so many issues are #4 and #7 results in a lot of collisions so you could juggle the order there (say, if you wanted to slot either the Daybreak or Guise adventures to be back-to-back), but that should at least give you an approximate “official order” given that there isn’t a lot of narrative connection between the various titles.


That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much!