Pax Unplugged 2023

Okay, so it may have come up on one of the podcasts but I struggle to remember everything I’ve heard there. Is anyone from the GTG team and/or fandom at large going to Philly at the beginning of December?

I’ve not yet been to a serious large scale convention, but the opportunity may present itself this year. The presence of Christopher, Adam, and/or other Sentinel Comics fans will heavily influence my decision to attend.

Christopher has mentioned that GtG will be there, yes, although I don’t think they’re doing a panel. They talk about their convention schedule more on the Play Greater Podcast.


Christopher and I will be at PAX Unplugged, and GTG will have a booth!


Nice! Is it unrealistic to hope for a playable prototype of Disparation there? :crossed_fingers:t2:

Oh wow! It’ll be good to see GTG back at Unplugged again!

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Yeah, we’re excited to be there!

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