Hi DHMG folks - could you post on here when a new podcast goes up? I seem to miss them for the first week they're uploaded!

So much additional work! Ugh, fine. :)


We aim to record every other week and TRY to have the podcast out the friday of the recording week. Regardless, i'd be happy to post here and let you know!

Thanks Darrell

Episode 85 "The One about Gaming Potpourri" went up yesterday.


ViolentSilence, why don't you subscribe to the RSS feed so you get the updates when they happen?

This one starts with "The Nations of the World" from Animaniacs. I wasted a bunch of time when I was young memorising this song, and I can still sing it in its entirety, if anyone lets me.

Sadly nations refuse to stay the same, so now you just get to misinform people.  I spent that time as well, also the Universe song.

I will only listen if you sing with  baloney in your slacks…

I just got the i nnuendo

No, in-your-endo.

I always enjoyed the "Ballad of Magellen".

I mostly listen to Podcasts at work, and the browsers there keep having their bookmarks/RSS feed type data wiped. Plus I figured if they get shared here, it encourages us forum dwellers to listen and gives us something more to chat about!

I'm slightly disappointed the opening song wasn't this gem by Monty Python though, given the later outburst by InsertStrawHere... (Or should that be InsertBeepHere?...)

*pokes ViolentSilence towards podcast stream*







Oh, also, link.


Hey!  Listen!

Thank you!

* Poke *

* Poke again *

Someone else needs to take over poking this thread as I wont be listening to "The State of Games" any more. I gave it 9 episodes and it just hasn't grabbed me and/or it's not my thing, so I'm removing it from my podcatcher.