Pre orders shipped???

I preordered Bottom of the Ninth and all of the expansions at GenCon.  I see that Miniature Market has the game for sale now and I still have no message stating my order was shipped.  So, I could have gotten it cheaper and earlier instead of doing the Gen Con preorder.  Poor form if you ask me.

Some of the Kickstarter backers are retailers so they would receive their copies before preorders ship.   I imagine by preordering at Gencon you got access to promos you might not have otherwise obtained without going to a convention GtG happens to be at.  

Any promos received at GenCon were not as a result of preordering.  I was able to get some cards from another booth that were selling them from a vending machine but that had nothing to do with the items I preordered. 

I can understand if Miniature Market was a KS backer.  Aside from that, this is not good.  Lesson learned in supporting this company this way.  I'll just wait and get everything cheaper and first.


Your preorder will be shipping this week, and you will be getting promo cards that you would not get if you preordered through Miniature Market.

Seriously, it's your call, mikerobinson, but the pre-order gets so much extra stuff I've always felt like it's well worth the wait (because a lot of resellers get in on the Kickstarters/pre-orders) and a little more money. But that's just me – to each their own. :slightly_smiling_face:

So the preorders for Villains and the promos from the Christmas sale are shipping this week or just one of them?

@UXM266, the question that started this thread was about preorders for Bottom of the Ninth. The preorders for Villains won't be shipping until the expansion arrives at GtG, which looks likely to be in January. This week it's just the promos from the Christmas sale, I believe.

Shoot. I misread the forum section. Sorry for the bad form.
Thanks for the update.

What extra stuff is included?  I purchased the base game and all available extras.  I also picked up a few cards from another Gen Con booth.  What else is there?

Paul who is the Operations Director for GtG posted earlier in this thread what you get