Premium Tokens wood type?

Does anyone know what kind of wood is used for the premium tokens in either pack? I’m planning to cut and paint my own custom defence tokens (based on the ones from the digital game), and I’d love for them to match if possible.

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Welcome! :smiley: This sounds cool!

In case you hadn’t seen them and are interested, the second premium token pack includes tokens that are identical to the original defense tokens (image below). :slight_smile: But if you want to make your own, I definitely understand. :+1:t2:

Unfortunately, I have no idea what wood they’re made of. :confused: You might be able to email and see if they can help you?

I’m honestly not sure if it’ll be discernable once they’re painted, though. :thinking: (Not saying that it is or isn’t – I honestly just don’t know. :blush:)

Not an expert by any means, and I can’t speak for SI specifically, but a few quick Google searches points to maple being preferred within the board game industry for having a hardness that lets it hold its shape in small details without being too difficult to cut.

Thanks both!

Yeah I actually have premium token pack 2, but I’m looking to make ones with numbers printed on them, in that kind of shield shape the digital game uses. Especially for events that add defend to places where Dahan are, and that sort of thing.

I’m gonna look into maple! As long as it feels about the same weight and hardness after painting, I’ll be happy.

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The premium tokens in both packs are typically made from high-quality wood, such as maple or oak, to ensure durability and a smooth finish. If you’re planning to cut and paint your own custom defense tokens to match, using a similar type of wood would be ideal for consistency in appearance and feel.