Print and play for Sentinels of Earth Prime

here’s another for any of you that check these forums more often than Kickstarter-
Backers of the Mutants and Masterminds version of Sentinels got print and play decks for 4 heroes 1 environment and 1 villain
I hope SOMEONE plugs them into Table Top Simulator and gives them a whirl ( if Dylan says it’s ok )

We're not to put them online for general use (I asked), but there's definitely somewhere you can see them in action... 0:)

Also this is Sentinels of Earth-Prime, not Sentinels of Freedom.  A print-and-play version of a video game would have been very interesting....

It probably would be like this

As soon as I saw Mindwanderer post that, I thought about the video too!

sorry i been playing  a lot of the computer game and got my names mixed up

No worries -- there are a lot of Sentinels out there all of a sudden... ;-) 


thanks stranger

More print and play decks out for Earth Prime
2 heroes
1 environment
1 villain