Progeny tips and strategies

Hey everybody. Recently pick up WOTC and decided to fight Progeny. And after what I think was a 4 turn loss, I decided to come here. Anyone have any strategies I can use against this thing?

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Welcome! :smiley:

Do you have a specific set of heroes you want to use or are you looking for suggestions for heroes to use against Progeny? :slight_smile:

I currently own the base game, Rook city, infernal relics and WOTC. I’d prefer to use the heroes from these sets rather than buy new content. And I am looking for heroes to use. I tried the prime wardens in the one game I played against him.

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Progeny is one of the hardest fights, so unfortunately a lot of the advice is mostly to just cheese him.

Since he’s a single source of damage, anything that stops him from doing his thing is extremely powerful (I think Legacy, Wraith, and Tachyon are best for that from what you have - especially preventing him from dealing damage). Other than that, he’s generally a real quick fight and so you want to just maximize damage, so take a big hitter or two (Ra of course, and Wraith can double for this as well).

If I were to make a team right now for the fight, it would probably be: Legacy, Argent Adept, Tachyon, Wraith, and Ra.

Probably want a friendly environment too. Or Wagner Mars Base, since it has a chance to make everyone immune and make his turn pointless (and maybe give you time to set up).

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Progeny’s front side deals mainly Energy damage, so Captain Cosmic’s Cosmic Crest or Legacy’s Next Evolution will likely help.

And since his flipped side mainly attacks the hero with the lowest HP, The Visionary in her Cocoon or NightMist in Mist Form could tank those hits for awhile before another hero gets lower.

There’s some strategy involved in which Scions you leave in play when given the option to destroy one. Personally, I like to get rid of anything that allows villains to play more cards as highest priority. Depending on your damage-dealing ability, you might have to think about which of the others are better or worse.


Just managed to beat this weird liquid monster! Thanks for the tips everyone!