Progeny's Cool Flying Head (take 2)

I’ve been re-listening to the Letters Page, and was reminded of the slight disagreement over whether Progeny’s head blasting off into space was cool or silly. So I noodled a bit on the concept, and made a couple of sketches!
I think the third one looks reasonably cool, so (if I can sustain the motivation) I might draw a full panel based on it, but showing the earth in the background as it blasts off!


Not sure how recently you’ve beaten Progeny in the digital version (or if you have it), but there is a depiction of the head once you beat him:

I point this out not to prevent what you’re doing, but to give you another reference in case you haven’t seen it.


Oh that’s definitely part of the inspiration, for sure! I might have to make the final version a bit blobbier, if I can figure out a good way of doing so (my middle attempt up there didn’t work out super well)


The middle one looks weirdly Cthulhuesque, not sure if you intended that.

I was mostly aiming for the midpoint between dripping fluid and a half-shattered skull, but it didn’t really come off as planned.