Purpose of Legacy's death when discussing Iron Legacy

I believe starting with the very first Letters Page episode and going all the way to the Disparation Backerkit update, when introducing Iron Legacy, the first timeline that is discussed is one where Legacy is killed by Baron Blade. But this of course is not the Iron Legacy timeline, so I’m confused by the purpose of this story in relation to Iron Legacy. Why is this specific story mentioned before the story of Iron Legacy?

Basically, in the main timeline Baron Blade was going to kill Legacy on a mission, but in the AU Young Legacy went on that mission instead so he killed her instead.

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It’s a For The Want of A Nail type of story. everything is set up for Paul to die… but Felicia does, instead. I imagine that somehow finding that out (Oracle of Discord, maybe?), finding out that he was supposed to die instead of his daughter, is what finally breaks him.

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The first timeline, where Legacy dies, is how the main timeline was meant to go but Iron Legacy’s arrival in the main timeline alters events so neither Legacy dies.


Note that if the (now very deceased) AU Baron Blade hadn’t killed Felicia, Iron Legacy wouldn’t have shown up in the main timeline and MT Baron Blade would have killed Paul as things were meant to happen. So really AU Baron Blade is responsible for MT Paul being alive, thereby managing to fail twice as hard and tick off MT Baron Blade in the process. If he wasn’t already dead MT Baron Blade would probably kill his AU twin himself. :slight_smile: