Push Your Limits specifics

It recently came up in a Sentinels RPG Game that I play in that Push Your Limits might be interpreted in different ways.

The following text is a summary of how I play it out in game, when Push Your Limits is active.

What are other people’s thoughts on the topic?

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I think that if your Reaction was meant to refresh at the start of each turn, the ability description would say something along those lines. It’s certainly a way to limit the effectiveness of Push Your Limits, but since it’s (I think?) a Red zone ability, and you’re taking extra damage to sustain it, limiting its effectiveness isn’t really all that necessary.

I think catDreaming is getting it from this line, @TakeWalker:

I honestly hadn’t caught this bit, always reading it as paying the cost after using the first for the round. (Basically I was interpreting the italicized text in the quote above as “each round” instead of “each turn”.) But catDreaming’s point is a good one, and makes me wonder if this was a typo (and meant to be “each round”) or if it works the way catDreaming has laid out.


This doesn’t fully answer your question but they did have this ruling from Editor’s Note #37

They have since the last time around talked to Dave about this, they have to take back the previous ruling which they just got wrong - even with Push Your Limits you can only use a given Reaction once per triggering event. So, with Push Your Limits and Reactive Strike you can respond to somebody hitting you by hitting them back once . If 6 people hit you in one round, you can hit each of them once as each of their attacks is its own triggering event for Reactive Strike, so as long as you pay for the Push Your Limits extra Reactions, you can keep responding.

I agree with @TakeWalker and @Rabit’s readings of the Ability. I, too, thought it read “once per round,” for the longest time. Perhaps it is a typo (and someone should bring that to the attention of the appropriate persons), but until proven wrong, I think we should interpret its wording exactly.

As for @catDreaming’s interpretations of the Ability’s benefits:

  • I agree with this first point’s effect, although I think I would rephrase it is, “You may use 1 Reaction per turn, instead of per round, for free.”
  • I would argue that the damage-or-twist happens after the extra Reaction, because the Ability reads, “Each time,” which to me implies a triggered action, and an action cannot happen before its trigger. Plus, it lets a Hero make a Noble Heroic Sacrifice.
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Question posted to the Letters Page (with credit provided to @catDreaming, of course :wink: ), so hopefully we’ll hear something official soon. :grin:

Thanks for bringing this up, carDreaming! :smiley:

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