Query about Twists

I haven’t yet tried running a game of SCRPG, so bear with me for asking newbie questions. :wink:

The Starter Kit and Core Rule Book make a pretty big point about having the players suggest/negotiate most twists; minor ones, anyway. Do the experienced GM’s find that players appreciate this feature or is it your experience that more players prefer to just “get on with it” and leave it to the GM to keep the action moving quickly?

Probably depends player to player, campaign to campaign and possibly even session to session, depending on how everyone is feeling.

I know I’m really bad at coming up with them on the fly, so I’m usually cool with whatever the GM does. Then again, I think I also came up with the major twist where my character barfed up a brown dwarf star, so no one’s a lost cause! XD

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Hey, what you and the tanned Dwarven Actor get up to is your business.