Question about Incap during Power phase

Just picked this up and think I got the rules down (haven't played it yet) but the only question I have is what happens when a character gets incapped during its power phase? Does it just reroll and continue or does it "skip" his turn. Rules say replace health and reroll and thats it.



In what scenario would a character be incaped during the actual Power Up phase? If this is your question, then fear not since it's not possible.

Do you mean what happens when an already incaped character gets to their Power Up phase? If so, they get up, reroll movement for that turn, replace 1 power card (you should only have one at this point since all cards were removed when you were incaped) and restore all health. It explicitly states this very thing in the rule book under the Power Up phase.

Am I understanding your question correctly?

Thanks, after rereading it I noticed there was a comma after the word incapacitated. Without that comma is the sentence I was asking about, duh, lol. Thanks for replying, can’t wait to play.

No problem. Happy to help.

As a side note, keep ears and eyes out for the expansion we are currently working on. The game is going through a bit of a rework and tweeking/streamlining from what we all have now. So if you enjoy the game as is as much as the rest of us, stick around for news about Prime War!

Do you mean incapped when using Actions?

Like incapped moving through Hazard spaces, triggering Ambuscade's bombs or something like that?

In those cases your turn ends when you are incapped and you will recover at the start of your next turn.  During Power-up, when you recover from incapacitation you aren't entering the space, your hero is already there, so nothing will trigger off of that that could deal you damage.