Quite possibly the worst OblivAeon Phase 1 anyone has ever had

Everyone’s frustrated and taking a break right now, so I’m taking advantage of this opportunity to vent about the utterly hideous hand OblivAeon dealt us. 

We got the Effusion of Pain - the shield that brings out Nixious and needs environment trash to flip. The environment was Champion Studios, so none of the cards wanted to pop themselves. Other Scion was Borr. 

OblivAeon kept moving back and forth, stopping us from ever fulfilling the shield’s d’ast condition. By the time it flipped over, thanks to a combination of awful Aeon Men and an unlucky discard of OblivAeon’s deck that got us four Devastation Tokens, we were on eleven with the Countdown at 1. Oh, and three Scions in one zone in a four-man game - Nixious, Sanction, and Progeny. Then we got another Token.

Start of OblivAeon’s turn, he goes whole ham. Champion Studios is gone, as is Nixious, Sanction, Legacy and Tempest. Only reason Guise didn’t die is because he was such a Total Beefcake that OblivAeon hit Progeny instead. But remember - OblivAeon’s on Phase 1 still. They all get replaced! So we get Dark Mind and Mr. Overtime himself.

Then the token nuke comes in, we lose Guise. Dark Mind and Progeny are gone. There’s no active hero here, so OblivAeon adds four tokens to the pile, then four more from the shield.

So that’s where we stand. Two environments down, everyone except one hero in the other Battle Zone is incapped, they’ve got to deal with Aeon Master, and BZ1 has Voss, Voidsoul, and Empyreon in it. And the second stage of the shield is still up. Nobody’s picked the next hero yet just because we’re all so bloody annoyed with how incredibly awful OblivAeon has been this game.

TL;DR: the title.

UPDATE: We are quite literally out of Scions. All five remaining Scions are in one Battle Zone. How does that even happen?

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I mean, the good news is you're out of Scions? c.c; Crikey.

I really hate some of the shields. Anything that requires a certain number of targets to be in a certain place all at once just complicates things endlessly.

Yeah with the exception of The Primary Objective/Impenetrable Frame. I really don't like the shields, It's really the one piece of the expansion that I don't think turned out well.

I find them to be good obstacles.

My three OblivAeon experiences have all involved a Shield that just WOULD. NOT. GO. AWAY. I agree with Dandolo that this is one of the places where the design was - maybe not “bad”, since OblivAeon being nigh-impossible was the intended point, but certainly frustrating in terms of having a good gameplay experience. I forget which shield he had in my first game, when I was still learning all this stuff anyway, and my last game was the Shield where you need to keep all your heroes in the same Zone as Blivs himself, yet at any moment a random card pull can switch him to the other zone, leaving you all standing around with nothing but a Scion or two to fight, and meanwhile if there are Scions in the other zone the Devastation will pile up like there’s no tomorrow (to coin a phrase, ahem). But the one that really sticks with me was the second game, where his shield condition was “three environment cards are in play in this zone”, and even if Blivs himself doesn’t blow these cards up as fast as they can be played, almost no heroes have the ability to force the environment to play extra cards, so it’s virtually always going to be a minimum of three turns in which the shield can’t possibly be removed. I’m fine with a villain who’s hard, but they should be hard in a way where you at least have a possibility of interacting them, not a way that says “don’t even try” for three or more rounds because it’s impossible by definition for you to do anything.