Reflection: Been 3.33 years since since expansion announced

I was thinking about prime war and rise of the eenrnd today and made me want to look back and at how long ago I had preordered it. Was roughly January 2015. So at this point it has been 3.33 years since I placed my order. 

this has made me reflect on all of the changes in my life over that time:

1) grew my board game collection and grew my interest from a rookie board gamer to a hobbiest ( to the dread of my wife)

2) graduated college with my Ph.D. In physics

3) got a job teaching physics and passing on how much I love the subject to the next generation. 

4) had a kid. Been trying to teach him to board game with me but he’s 1 so that is not going well. He has done better with video games however.

5) moved to a different state.

6) met some awesome friends where I moved because of sentinels and get together with them when I can to hang and play games. 

6) Trump was elected president. Idk how it will change my life 5 years from now but it has helped me to be more aware in our politics.

7) spirit island: because that game is awesome enough to deserve its own category.

8) Marvel released infinity war after 10 years of build up and force me to wait a year to find out what happens next and has caused me to really want to explore my dreams of writing a sci-fi book in the next few years.


Even though there has been a lot of life changes in all of this, sadly one thing is constant; Prime War is still in development. Hopefully we get some news during Gen Con this year. I can’t wait to play it and see how the game play has improved from flame of freedom


i would also love to hear from others how their lives have changed over the last 3.33 years since the preorder happen. 

Well, for starters, I joined this fandom... :V

That is a good thing :slight_smile:

Cool, I'm a physics teacher too!

Another science teacher, though my specialty is chemistry. I hope I managed to get morph hooked up with cool people in his new hometown, and once applied for a job at the place he's working.

I did not place an order for the expansion (Tactics wasn't the kind of game I was in the market for at the time), so I don't have too much more to add to it right now.

Yeah, not quite so many changes for me but some big ones. I retired and left the US, moving to Canada.

yes you did.

Slight correction: What you preordered was Battle for Broken City and For Profit.  Pre-orders for those were converted into Prime War and Rise of the Ennead in August 2016.

My own daughter is 3 1/2, slightly older than the Battle for Broken City and For Profit initial announcement.  In the time it has taken >G to not deliver their expansions->revisions to an existing product, she has evolved from a writhing grub to a verbose and articulate, if sometimes incomprehensible, tiny human.

Other than that?  Pretty much Trump.  Hopefully we can see more Tactics games before he goes up for re-election (even though he started campaigning for it right after winning the last one).  Maybe that's the curse--he started campaigning right about when Tactics Wave 2 was announced, so maybe it'll come out on November 4, 2020.

This is the same spot my son is at.  

Villains of the Multiverse shipped

OblivAeon and related stretch goals were announced, funded, delayed a little over a year, and are about to arrive at peoples' doors within the next couple of months.

In 3 years i went from wanting to buy everything they produced despite friends having the game to wanting to see the last of things delivered so i can seel whole collections.