Reverse SotM Quiz Game: The Sequel

Mine being a relatively new account, I didn't get to participate in this games' original version, but always got a kick out of it. Therefore, I thought I'd bring this back for the newer users (rather than resurrecting dead threads, I leave that to Jesus)

If you haven't read the original (8 times) like I did, then you may not know how this works. Someone gives a (Sentinels-related) answer, and then you comment the question to go with that answer as well as a new answer for someone to question.Standard format is

Q: Witty SotM question corresponding to the last answer

A: A new answer that will undoubtedly yield a hilarious question.


A: Because of the Letts Page episode that was on Twitch

Q: Why did the GTG forums break?


A: Personalised pies from Haka

Q:  What does Baron Blade dread above all else?


A:  A weekend in Insula Primalis

Q: What was the prize Setback won from a random drawing?

A: Three weeks in the Block.

Q: What experience did Fright Train say was off the rails?

A: Absolute Zero's favorite way to pass the time

Q:  Who Listens and Enjoys Prime Warden's Cover Album of Billy Idol, that the Argent Adapt said "It would be a good team building exercise"?

   (Picturing AA, Haka and Tempest Singing "More, more, more" while the rest give side ways looks.)




A: ¡Paradoja del tiempo! Maria Helena's favorite flavor.

    Time Paradox!

Q: What flavor is banned now and forever from the Megaopolis Ice Cream Parlor after the 'Time Pirate Takeover' incident?


A: Several unwanted holes in Dr. Stinson's lab.

(Edit: Spelling)

Q: Aside from golems, what did Devra Caspit create on Monday?


A: Because Flesh War replaced Prime War as the new Tactics expansion

Q: Why didn’t The Cult of Gloom City expansion for Sentinel Tactics ever see release?

A: Absolute Zero and Writhe’s favorite jazz albums.

Q: What did Mr. Chomps bring back when Devra said, "Get me some blues."


A: "And that's how you bake a cake!"

Q. What is the sign off line to Haka’s cooking for kids tv show?

A. 17 ducks.

Q: What is The Harpy’s secret weapon?

A: Because we let Setback drive.

Q.  Why did the production budget of the latest Fast and Furious movie run over by 300 million?


A.  Sky Scraper's greatest fear

Q:  What do you get when you shrink an Elephant to the size of a mouse?


A:  Haka's secret birthday wish.

Q) Why was Anthony Drake composing a Maori opera?

You guys keeping giving answers that sound like questions. This isn’t Jeopardy.

A) Keel-hauled under La Paradoja Magnifica.

Q) What punishment does La Capitan dole out if you eat her favorite breakfast muffin?

A) A brand new teddy bear.

Q: What did Guise disguise himself as when Spite invaded the store (even though all he wanted was some cookies.)


A: The issue where Tempest, Chrono-Ranger, Fanatic, and Shawn Mendes created their own barbershop quartet.

Q: what music themed issue of sentinels didn't involve the argetn adept.


A: "screw you legacy, I do what I want!"

(Sorry for posting so (relatively) much, but I want this thread alive.)


Q: What was/is Absolute Zero's life motto?

A: Ronway, four kegs of beer, and a stolen motorcycle.

Q: what happened last time Christopher and Adam went drinking with fans


A: shmatman and shmobin.