Ridiculously timely and topical Game Log

This is the story of how I lost my first battle against Omnitron Persei 8…

Cosmic Omnitron starts the game by putting Disintegration Ray and Interpolation Beam into play, opening the game with 5 Energy damage to Benchmark {26}. Technological Singularity goes to waste, another Disintegrator is played, and Wraith starts her turn.

Initial hand: Combat Stance, Impromptu Invention, Micro-Targeting Computer, Suture Self.

Not thinking to not play the card that you always play ASAP 99% of the time, Wraith draws Utility Belt, only to be reminded with 1 Energy damage {24} of why that 1% exception exists. So far it seems like a fair trade; she fetches out Razor Ordinance, plops down the MTC next to it, and shoots OT for 5 {95}. Drawing Trust Fund, she takes another zap {23} and still doesn’t regret her decisions…yet.

Initial hand: Doctor’s Orders, Flare Up, Intensive Care, Triage.

Dr Nick is up; zapping himself for 1 {23}, he completely heals Maia of her Interpolation damage {25}, then lets her shoot OT for another 5 {90}, destroying the Interpolator and both Rays. Medico then gives himself a Clinical Consult, figuring he’s certain to hurt himself later today, if only to see if he still feels. No longer at risk of being Interpolated, he draws Prescription Strength.

Initial Hand: Cold Snap, Focused Apertures, Frost-Bound Drain, Impale.

Freedom 6 AZ is a simple man; he just wants to see the world freeze. Playing a tool which will improve his talents in this area, he hits the already battered Cosmotron for 3 {87}, and then draws Modular Realignment.

Initial Hand: Deployment Actuator, Flash Installation Drive, Intel Analyzer (not to be confused with the Electric Butter Churn), Reinforced Chassis.

With an innate power that draws him a card, even though the Beam of Interpolationating is gone for the moment, Benchmark still can’t resist putting his heavy armor on. Four pieces of equipment in play for four heroes; it sure would be a shame if anything were to happen to them. Using the aforementioned power, Benchy draws Legion-core Processor, shoots the big bug (86), and draws Threat Neutralizer.

Megalopolis plays Hostage Situation.

FLIP! Cosmotron plays S-84 Automaton Drone {4} and Electro-Magnetic Railgun. The villain shoots AZ for 3 {24} and Benchmark for 2 {24}, then the Drone shoots Wraith for 4 {21}.

Wraith kills the Drone and draws another MTC; Medico draws Universal Donor and Lifeforce of Will. AZ shoots COT for 3 {83} and draws Impale. Benchmark draws “Inferno” Missile Pod, zaps COT {82}, and draws Fly-by.

The party discards Micro Targeting Computer, Triage, Cold Snap, and Intel Analyzer to destroy Hostage Situation, then Police Backup arrives, shooting COT {81}.

UNFLIP! The Railgun fires, dealing 3 to AZ {21} and 2 to Benchmark {22}. Technological Singularity is played; all the party’s toys are broken, dealing 4 to Wraith {17} and 2 to the men in the tin cans {AZ 19, Benchmark 20}. Electro-Pulse Explosive then enters play.

Wraith plays Combat Stance; using Last Stand, she hits OT {80} and the EPE {14}, then draws Inventory Barrage.

VGDM plays Lifeforce of Will {21}; Wraith repeats her last attack {COT 79, EPE 13}, then AZ shoots the bomb {11}, and Benchmark piles on another point {10} while drawing Overhaul Loadout. Clinical Consult applies to AZ, then the Doc draws Positive Prognosis.

AZ plays Frost Bound Drain, hitting the Bomb for 3 {7} and then doing the same to himself {16}. Using Elemental Wraith on the Bomb brings it down to {5} and he draws Onboard Module Installation.

Benchmark plays Fly-by, bringing the bomb to {3} and COT to {77}, and then returns the card to his hand. Drawing Shunt Energy, he takes the bomb down another point {2} and picks up another Fly-by.

Another Hostage Situation occurs; the police shoot OT {76}, then the robot fires its Railgun on Medico {18} and Benchmark {17}. The EPE goes off, dealing 2 to Wraith {15}, and in response Combat Stance kills it, so nobody else is hit (“Electro-Pulse Explosive’s remaining actions are cancelled”, as the game log puts it). Then Sedative Flechettes is played, dealing 5 to each hero {Medico 13, Benchmark 12, AZ 11, Wraith 10}; Combat Stance retaliates {Omnitron 74}, then it is destroyed along with any other Ongoings that might have been out. S-83 Assault Drone enters play and deals 2 to Medico {11}, and the villain is done.

Though unable to play cards, F6 Wraith attacks OT {73} and the Drone {3}, then she draws Impromptu Invention. Medico draws Lifeforce of Will and Intensive Care. AZ and Benchmark then finish the Drone off, drawing Isothermic Transducer, Load on Initialization, and Micro Fabricator.

Hostage Situation collects Inventory Barrage, Intensive Care, Isothermic Transducer and Shunt Energy before going away; Plummeting Monorail replaces it, and OT catches a police bullet {72}.

Cosmic Omnitron fires on AZ {8} and Benchmark {9}, then rolls out another Electro-Pulse Explosive and an S-84 Automaton Drone, which shoots Medico {7}.

Impromptu Invention draws Wraith a Grappling Hook, fetches out a Smoke Bombs, and plays the Hook to un- Plummet the train, drawing Mega Computer. Last Stand hits the EPE {14} and the Drone {3}. Draws Infrared Eyepiece.

Dr. Nick plays Universal Donor, healing himself and triggering his long-held Clinical Consult, leaving him at {11}. Draws Healing Pulse.

AZ plays Onboard Module Installation, drawing Null-Point Calibration Unit and fetching Isothermic Transducer. Playing the NPCU, he shoots the big bomb {12} and draws Focused Apertures.

It’s all up to Benchmark; he plays Fly-by, dropping the bomb to {10} and Omnitron to {70}, with the Drone at {1}. Playing another Fly-By, he finishes the Drone off and puts the Bomb to {8} and its master to {68} He ends his play phase with a Micro Fabricator, then uses the New Standard, drawing Secondary Cannon and dropping the bomb to {7}. Draws Intervening Path Calculator. Micro Fabricator plays “Inferno” Missile Pod, allows him to discard Secondary Cannon into it, and then fires it on the bomb {6}.

Traffic Pileup enters play, but not for long; after a cop shot {67}, the robot shoots Medico {8}, who gives Wraith a point {11} before she too is blasted down to {8}. Then the Bomb goes off; Smoke Bombs redirects 6 damage from AZ into 5 for Benchmark {4}, then redirects again from Benchmark back into AZ {3}. This leaves Wraith to take the full 6 {2}, and Medico the same {2}, which lets him heal Wraith {3}. Fortunately, rather than delivering the death blow, COT rolls out Adaptive Plating Subroutine, then drops the hammer with Terraforming. Traffic Pileup and Police Backup are erased, and COT gets another two plays; fortunately these are a redundant Plating and a completely wasted other Terraforming. The heroes are still up and kicking, for now…

Wraith plays Suture Self to double her HP {6}, whacking Omnitron {66} and the bomb {5} with her double-hockey-sticks. Draws Utility Belt.

VGDM plays Flare Up, leaving the bomb with just {2}, and heals himself {3} and AZ, who still has his Clinical Consult to cash in {6}. Universal Donor brings him up to {5} and he draws Triage.

Isothermic Transducer enters play, and AZ finishes the Bomb off. Draws Hoarfire.

Benchmark tries Deployment Actuation; it reveals Tactical Communicator, Multi-Point H.U.D., Auto-Targeting Protocol, Auto-Targeting Protocol, Intel Analyzer, Countermeasures, Deployment Actuation, Countermeasures, Intervening Path Calculator, Deployment Actuation, and finally Onboard Cooling Systems which goes into play, while he retrieves Reinforced Chassis from his trash into hand. The New Standard then gives him Load on Initialization, and he shoots Cosmic Omnitron {65}. Draws Fly-by, then plays Flash Installation Drive, with the Micro Fabricator, discarding Load on Initialization, which the Missile Pod fires at COT {64}. Flash Installation Drive moved Upgraded Memory Unit from Benchmark’s deck to Benchmark’s trash, puts Intervening Path Calculator into play from the trash, and triggers the Cooling Systems, dealing another 2 to Omnitron {62} and healing AZ for 2 {8}

Megalopolis plays Impending Casualty; Benchmark discards Load on Initialization into the Missile Pod to dispose of it.

Cosmic Omnitron deals 3 Projectile damage to Wraith {3} and Absolute Zero {5}. Two copies of S-85 Repair Drone enter play, healing the big bug to {68}.

Wraith plays Trust Fund, drawing Suture Self, Throwing Knives x2 & Inventory Barrage. She discards Utility Belt and one of the Knives, then uses Last Stand, hitting both S-85 Repair Drones {3}. Draws Infrared Eyepiece.

Medico plays and activates Healing Pulse, falling to {3} and granting a point to Benchmark {5} when damaged; the others heal {Wraith 5, AZ and Benchmark 7}, Doc draws Second Opinion, and he heals himself {4}, Wraith {6}, and Benchmark {8}.

AZ plays Modular Realignment & puts Focused Apertures into play. 1 fire damage {6} turns into 2 cold to heal him {8}, then 2 more {10}. Elemental Wrath does in one of the Drones, and he draws Cryo Chamber.

Benchmark replays his old Reinforced Chassis; though allowed to use two powers by the Cooling Systems, he only has The New Standard available, so he draws Tactical Communicator, zaps the other Drone {2}. After drawing Subcutaneous Cybernetics, he plays it with the Micro Fabricator, discards Intervening Path Calculator, and puts it under the “Inferno” Missile Pod, which then fires twice at AZ, who heals himself both times as a result {9, 11, 10, 12}. After that, Flash Installation Drive discards Overhaul Loadout from the deck, and puts Load on Initialization into play. The Coolant Systems finishes off the Drone, as well as further healing AZ {14}. Benchmark himself heals to {9} and he’s finally done.

Megalopolis plays Plummeting Monorail. COT’s Railgun fires on Zero {11} and on the armored Benchmark {7}, who sticks Tactical Communicator into the Missile Pod and heals back to {8}. Another Railgun enters play, then Sedative Flechettes rains destruction on the party; Smoke Bombs protects Medico at the expense of AZ {7}, who then takes another direct hit without reduction {2}, while Wraith barely survives {1} and Benchmark’s armor allows him to retain half his HP {4}. Medico loses his Healing Pulse and Universal Donor, and Benchmark ditches his Softwares.

Wraith desperately Sutures herSelf {4}. Last Stand hits OT for 1 {66} and also scratches the Monorail {9}. Wraith draws Grappling Hook.

The doctor goes into emergency Triage, giving up half his HP {2} and a Prescription Strength from his hand, bouncing himself back up to {10}. AZ gets a Clinical Consult, and Medico draws Positive Prognosis.

F6AZ plays Hoarfire; he heals himself with the cold by a total of 5 {7}, burns Omnitron {65}, making him fireproof with the Plating, and then Zero heals himself another 2 {9}, heats up {8}, and cools down again {10}. His innate power then zaps OT for 3 {62}, who shifts to cold immunity. Draws Thermal Shockwave.

Benchmark plays an Overhaul Loadout, drawing another one along with Multi-Point H.U.D. and Threat Neutralizer, but doesn’t actually move any cards. The New Standard draws Fly-by and zaps COT {61}, which tips the Components over the edge, destroying both Railguns. He then draws Shunt Energy, Micro-Fabricator plays Legion-core Processor, discards Multi-Point H.U.D. into the Pod, and fires two missiles at AZ, doing the {9, 11, 10, 12} dance again. Flash Installation Drive puts Intervening Path Calculator into play, and the Cooling systems feed another 2 Cold to Zero {14} and hitting OT {59}. Subcutaneous Cybernetics heals Benchmark to {5} and he’s finally done.

The Monorail plummets into Cosmic Omnitron {54}, also unfortunately hitting AZ {9}. Impending Casualty taxes Benchmark a Shunt Energy, not that he really minds paying into his Missile Pod.

REFLIP! Interpolation Beam enters play, and the pseudo-Railgun fires on Medico {7} and Zero {6}.

Grappling Hook takes out the Monorail, drawing Mega Computer and being Interpolated, but the Smoke Bombs negates that. Last Stand is ineffective against the recently Train-adapted robot, so Wraith skips her power and draws Impromptu Invention.

VGDM plays Lifeforce of Will, hitting himself {5} to heal Wraith {6}, Benchmark {7}, and Zero {8}. Medico Consults himself and draws Second Opinion, protected from the Beam now that he’s the lowest HP.

AZ plays Thermal Shockwave, which he activates to zap OT for 2 {52}, heal himself {10}, take retaliation {2}, and heal back better again {11}. Draws Sub-Zero Atmosphere and takes actual Interpolation damage {10}.

Now that he can start his turn with a power, Benchmark really is The New Standard! Draws Ally Matrix, shrugs off the Beam damage, and zaps OT {51}. Plays Threat Neutralizer, triggering the Coolants; OT takes another 2 {49}, heals OT {12}. The extra power from Coolant still goes to waste, even now that he played a Software, because he only played one Software; he Neutralizes part of the Adaptive Plating Threat, draws another Ally Matrix, picks “draw” for the Micro-Installer, reshuffles his deck, and gets an Intel Analyzer. Somehow a Shunt Energy wound up under the Missile Pod,and it now fires, dealing a point of Fire to OT {48}. Flash-Installer discards Countermeasures and then puts it into play. He finishes off with a heal {8}.

Another Impending Casualty is averted with an Ally Matrix.

RE-UNFLIP! S-85 Repair Drone enters play, followed by S-84 Automaton Drone; OT heals to {51} and AZ gets shot by the Automatons {8}.

Wraith’s Impromptu Invention draws Throat Jab, taking a point of Interpolation {5}, searches out Micro Targeting Computer and plays Throwing Knives. This combination throws 3 projectiles at Omnitron {48}, makes the Automatons almost harmless {1}, and also near-kills the Repair Drone {1}. Draws Mega Computer and Smoke Bombs her Beam damage to the armored Benchmark, now that she’s tied with VGDM for HP.

Positive Prognosis can heal the whole party, even Medico himself, because Intervening Path Calculator lets Benchmark take the self-damage and bounce it off the Armor. Interpolation damage is Smoke Bombed away as the Doc draws Regeneration; Benchmark also ignores this damage and gets Auto-Targeting Protocol. Both Smoke Bombs and IPC protect Wraith as she draws Throwing Knives, and AZ draws Modular Realignment and actually takes damage {7}. Then the healing actually happens {Wraith 6, AZ 8, Benchmark 9}, with the doc getting his Clinical Consult to heal for 3 {8}. Another Consult is given to AZ, and Medico draws Doctor’s Orders, taking a Beam damage {7}.

AZ plays Cryo Chamber and uses Thermal Shockwave; Omnitron takes 2 cold {46}, and AZ heals himself for 1 cold, +1 for Apertures, +1 for Cryo Chamber, +2 for clinical Consult, and rockets up to {13}. Having only dealt 2 cold damage out, he takes 1 fire damage because of the Chamber {12}, and turns that into 3 healing {15}. Draws Glacial Structure and takes an Interpolation damage {14}.

Benchmark again starts his turn with The New Standard, drawing Overhaul Loadout and finishing off the Repair Drone. Playing the Loadout, he draws Countermeasures, Threat Neutralizer, and Deployment Actuation, then he picks up Legion-core Processor, plays Threat Neutralizer, and gives 3 HP to the Cryo-Chambered Zero {17}, also destroying the remaining Drone. Threat Neutralizer destroys the other Plating Subroutine, Benchmark draws Upgraded Memory Unit, and Micro Fabricator plays Upgraded Memory Unit. He discards Countermeasures, then fires the Missile Pod; he should have hit Omnitron now that the Platings are gone, but instead I fired at Zero, forgetting that the Cryo Chamber would prevent the hits, and didn’t Undo this mistake, since I was still trying for Mint. The Flash Drive discards Tactical Communicator and then returns Threat Neutralizer to play. Upgraded Memory Unit was played by the Micro-Assembler somewhere in there, so Subcutaneous Cybernetics heals Benchmark to {11}, and the Memory Unit also allows him to play Auto-Targeting Protocol.

Megalopolis plays Police Backup, shooting OT for 1 {45}.

S-83 Assault Drone x2 are played, dealing 3 melee to AZ {14} twice {11}.

Wraith plays Utility Belt, allowing her to use Throwing Knives and Last Stand together to kill both drones, meanwhile hitting Omnitron for 3 {42}. Draws Razor Ordnance and Smoke Bombs away the Interpolation Beam.

VGDM plays Regeneration, gives himself a Clinical Consult, draws Second Opinion, takes Interpolation damage {6}, and then heals 4 {10}.

AZ plays Impale on COT, then activates Thermal Shockwave. Freezes OT for 2 {40}, heals himself by 3 {14}, takes 1 fire {13}, and heals again {16}. Draws Onboard Module Installation and takes a point from OT {15}. Medico regenerates {12}.

No longer having his Processor, Benchmark doesn’t get a start phase action, but goes ahead to play Overhaul Loadout, drawing Intervening Path Calculator, Load on Initialization, and Fly-by. Withdrawing Intervening Path Calculator, he plays Load On, triggering OCS, healing AZ to {18}; I seemingly failed to hit Omnitron. The New Standard draws Multi-Point H.U.D., and again doesn’t hit Omnitron (perhaps I was trying to avoid breaking the Component, since it was around this time that I checked the 5 remaining cards in OT’s deck and discovered that 4 of them were Drones…actually that turns out to have been earlier). Draws Deployment Actuation. Micro Fabricator plays Legion-core Processor, then discards an IPC, which the Missile Pod fires ineffectually at AZ. Flash Installation Drive discarded Multi-Point H.U.D. from Benchmark’s deck and then put it out; Benchmark heals to {13} and Medico regenerates {14}. Upgraded Memory Unit plays Intel Analyzer, just because it can.

Cramped Quarters Combat enters play; Police Backup deals 2 melee to Omnitron {38}, breaking the Interpolation Beam; Medico regenerates {16}.

UN-RE-UNFLIP! Omnitron reshuffles its deck and plays Terraforming; the Police and their Quarter-Staves evaporate, and Technological Singularity is the first of two cards played from the fresh deck. Wraith’s and Benchmark’s entire kits explode, taking them down hard; AZ survives the loss of his four devices and 8 HP {10}, and Medico is untouched by all this havoc so far (but has little hope of winning the game if everyone else is gone, so his entire mission in the game is now to keep AZ up and functional). Fortunately, Omnitron is done devatating the team for now, as his second play is another Terraforming; he fires on the two survivors for 3 {DM 13, AZ 7}, and then Medico regenerates {15}.

The Wraith uses the incapacitated ability “One player may draw a card”; Dr. Medico draws Immunization, and then he regenerates {17}.

Medico draws From the Brink and Experimental Medicine, Clinical Consults AZ, and destroys Regeneration. He plays From the Brink, not gaining another Power, so he skips that phase and draws Positive Prognosis.

Impale triggers and OT falls to {36}; F6AZ plays Onboard Module Installation, drawing Isothermic Transducer and fetching NPCU, and the latter is of course what he plays. While he still has Thermal Shockwave, it isn’t worth using with only a partial kit, so he uses his innate to freeze OT some more {34}. Draws Glacial Structure.

Benchmark uses the incapacitated ability “One player may play a card”; Intensive Care is plade, trading 2 of Medico’s HP {15} for a 4-point heal and a 2-point shield on AZ {11}, plus Medico draws Flare Up and Prescription Strength.

Megalopolis plays Paparazzi on the Scene, which isn’t TOO devastating so far. OT spits out an S-84 Automaton Drone, and then hurls Flechettes (that’s 2 “kill the whole party” cards played out of 5 since the Robot’s reshuffle); Medico falls to {10}, and the protected AZ is left at {8}, plus From the Brink is wasted and AZ loses Impale and Thermal Shockwave, before OT shoots both heroes {Medico 7, AZ 5}, and the Drones blast Medico again {3}. “From The Brink” would have been pretty useful about now…

The Wraith uses the incapacitated ability “Destroy an environment card”; Paparazzi cease to be On The Scene.

Medico plays Flare Up, dropping the Drone to {1} and healing himself {4} and AZ {6}. Clinical Consult is used on AZ, then Dr. Medico draws Preventative Care

Modular Realignment puts Cryo Chamber into play, negating the fire damage and increasing the cold healing, so AZ goes up 4 {10}. I thought that keeping the pressure up on OT was wiser than overkilling the Drone to finish it off, so I hit him down to {32} and drew Null-Point Calibration Unit.

Benchmark tells Medico to play Preventative Care, shielding Zero from the next hit, and he follows it up with Second Opinion.

Targeting Innocents enters play, then OT plays Interpolation Beam. Direct fire from the Dropship leaves Medico at {1}, while Zero is shielded from it; the Drone zaps him for 1 {9}, then Wraith takes out the Environment card.

Unable to play anything immediately effective without killing himself, or even to draw thanks to the Beam, literally all Medico can do on his turn is fire Second Opinion for 3 damage to Omnitron {29}, then drop a Prescription Strength, whose effect he’ll heighten with Clinical Consult.

At the start of Zero’s turn, Medico pops his super-pill (I never got that before, I feel dumb now), healing to {6} and gaining an irrelevant damage boost. AZ’s last action of the game is the same as his first; he plays Focused Apertures and then uses his power.
Omnitron takes 3 Cold damage {26}, then Zero draws Null-Point Calibration Unit and takes 1 Energy damage {8}. Benchmark then lets us play another Second Opinion.

Cramped Quarters Combat enters play and seals our doom. Unflipping and playing Sedative Flechettes (after a Disintegrator), Omnitron deals 6 Melee damage to Medico {X} and AZ {2}. Automaton Drone deals AZ 2 Melee damage; F6AZ is now at 0 HP, and “All heroes have been defeated”. (This might be the first one of my recent game reports to end in defeat; I don’t recognize that final line offhand.)

A very entertaining write up. That was interesting - thanks for the late night read.

This is the story of how I won my second battle against Omnitron Persei 8…

Cosmic Omnitron starts the game by putting Disintegration Ray and Interpolation Beam into play, opening the game with 5 Energy damage to Benchmark {26}. Technological Singularity goes to waste, another Disintegrator is played, and Wraith starts her turn.

Knowing about the second TechSing, and the eventual Flechettes to follow it, Wraith plays Combat Stance, a card that I don’t really mind losing, since it’s sometimes slightly dangerous to have out (I don’t think anything in OT’s or Megalopolis’s deck can make her damage herself, so it probably was a safe bet, but with the possibility of wanting to avoid breaking Components and flipping him, it’s not completely inconsequential, regardless). With that in place, she Last Stands on Omnitron {99}, and also whacks Absolute Zero {27} for no particular reason, just because she knows he can probably heal it later (some thought about Second Opinion only working if you’re actually down 3 HP was probably involved here, though it was still a dumb thing to do). She draws a Utility Belt, she takes a damage from the Interpolation Beam {24}, and Combat Stance has her hit back for 2 {97}.

Not really having any better options, Medico again opens his game on Doctor’s Orders. He takes a self-damage {23}, heals AZ of the 1 damage he took (I’m not sure why I didn’t target Benchmark, probably something to do with him not having his armor up yet), leaving him at {27}, and then letting him use Elemental Wrath on Cosmotron {95}. Medico targets himself with Clinical Consult, then draws Prescription Strength, takes another point from Interpolation Beam {22}, and ends his turn.

Since our current plan is about playing somewhat disposable Ongoings, AZ puts out Cold Snap, which isn’t great and is Limited, so losing it is not a big deal. He zaps OT for another 2 {93}, and OT’s three Components all break. Draws Modular Realignment.

Benchmark plays Intel Analyzer, with which he draws Legion-core Processor and Threat Neutralizer, discards Flash Installation Drive and the Processor (the opposite of his deck’s usual problem, he has too much Hardware in this unusual circumstance, and needs to keep all his Softwares for short-term use), and plays Threat Neutralizer. These two Softwares are unsupported and will self-destruct on his next turn, but since they were doomed anyway, he might as well turn them into cards. Ends his turn by drawing “Inferno” Missile Pod.

As before, Hostage Situation irritates the heroes, and Omnitron FLIPs. S-84 Automaton Drone and Electro-Magnetic Railgun enter play, and COT fires on F6AZ {24} and Benchmark {23}, after which the Drones blast Zero again {20}.

The Wraith did not play a card or use a power this turn, so she draws Micro Targeting Computer and Stun Bolt.
Void Guard Dr. Medico did not play a card or use a power this turn; he draws Universal Donor and Lifeforce of Will.
Cold Snap goes off; Omnitron takes a point {92} and the Drones are quatrimated {3}. I think that’s a word. Though he has already accomplished something and could just take the draw-2 turn, Zero instead uses his power, annihilating most of the remaining Automata {1}. Draws Impale.
Benchmark’s Intel Analyzer self-destructs and he draws Fly-by. If he had for some reason wanted to, he could have had it destroy another Software before itself, but instead he gets the game to say “Intel Analyzer’s remaining actions are cancelled”, and goes on to process Threat Neutralizer, which draws him Overhaul Loadout and then destroys itself, as the last Software in play. Skipping over his play phase, he activates The New Standard, draws Shunt Energy, and obliterates the remaining S-84s. Draws another Fly-by.

The party discards Micro Targeting Computer, Triage, Focused Apertures, and Shunt Energy; Hostage Situation destroys itself. Megalopolis plays Police Backup, and OT takes a point {91}.

FLIP! The Railgun fires on Wraith {21} and she strikes back with Combat Stance {OT 89}; Benchmark is also shot {20}. The second Singularity is played without effect; Electro-Pulse Explosive then enters play.

Now that it’s safe to have equipment in play, Impromptu Invention is played; Wraith draws Trust Fund, puts Razor Ordnance into play, and plays Micro Targeting Computer. She fires the resulting superweapon at the EPE {10} and draws Throat Jab.

VGDM plays Lifeforce of Will, causing him to damage himself {20}. Wraith shoots the big bomb again {5}, F6AZ uses his base power on it {3}, and Benchmark takes the healing {22}, after which Medico picks him for Clinical Consult. Draws Positive Prognosis.

Cold Snap goes off, blasting the EPE {2} and Omnitron {88}. Skipping his play and power phases, AZ draws Onboard Module Installation and Isothermic Transducer.

Benchmark plays “Inferno” Missile Pod, draws Load on Initialization, shoots OT {87}, and draws Micro Fabricator.

The second Hostage Situation enters play; Police Backup shoots the villain {86}. The robot’s Railgun blasts Wraith again {18}, and Combat Stance retaliates {84}; Benchmark takes another shot {19}, then the EPE detonates, hitting Wraith for 2 {16} and then being destroyed in response. Good thing too, for Sedative Flechettes is about to be played; Wraith falls to {11}, Medico and AZ to {15} each, and Benchmark to {14}. Combat Stance doesn’t trigger again and is destroyed, along with Cold Snap. An S-83 Assault Drone is played, and it deals 2 Melee damage Zero {13}.

Wraith chooses to deal 1 damage each to the Drone {3} and Omnitron {83}, rather than 5 damage to only one of them; she draws Impromptu Invention. Medico draws Lifeforce of Will and Intensive Care. AZ shoots the Drone {1} and draws Null-Point Calibration Unit; Benchmark draws Secondary Cannon, finishes the Drone off, and draws Intervening Path Calculator.

The party defuses Hostage Situation by discarding Utility Belt, Prescription Strength, NPCU, and Secondary Cannon (which goes in the Missile Pod). Plummeting Monorail enters play, and the cops shoot COT {82}.

The railgun shoots Medico {12} and Benchmark {11}; another Big Bomb rolls out, along with a S-84 Automaton Drone, which shoots AZ {9}.

Wraith gives the new EPE a Throat Jab {13} so the group needn’t worry about it for a round; this allows her to use her Razor Ordinance to its full effect on the main villain {77}. Draws Stun Bolt.

VGDM plays Universal Donor, activating it to heal AZ to {11}, and he draws Healing Pulse.

AZ plays Onboard Module Installation, drawing Glacial Structure and searching up an NPCU, but it’s Isothermic Transducer he plays. Activating Elemental Wrath, he deals OT 2 cold damage {75}, and the Railgun destroys itself. Draws Fueled Freeze.

Benchmark finally deploys his Reinforced Chassis, draws Tactical Communicator, zaps the Drone {3}, and draws Multi-Point H.U.D. The Missile Pod fires and does another point to the Drone {2}.

Having cleverly planned to all be fairly close to death, the party is safe from Plummeting Monorail, as it simply hits the EPE {8} and Omnitron {70}. Traffic Pileup enters play, and COT gets shot by cops {69}.

REFLIP! Adaptive Plating Subroutine is played, then OT shoots the armored Benchmark for 2 {9} and Medico for the full 3 {9}; Universal Donor lets Medico trigger a heal, and he targets Benchmark, whose Clinical Consult boosts that heal to 3 {12}. The surviving Automatons fire on Benchmark, getting through for only 1 {11}.

Wraith plays Suture Self {14}; her Razor Ordnance cuts the Traffic Pileup in half {5}, but she remains unable to draw.

Medico does another Lifeforce of Will, zapping himself {7} and healing Benchmark {12}. Wraith gets rid of the Traffic, then AZ starts in on the EPE {6}, and Benchmark draws Auto-Targeting Protocol, then knocks the Drone down to {1}. Medico activates Universal Donor on himself, activating a Clinical Consult to shoot up to {11}. Draws Triage.

NPCU enters play, and AZ zaps the Bomb again {4}. Draws another NPCU.

Benchmark plays Deployment Actuation, revealing Auto-Targeting Protocol, Intel Analyzer, Countermeasures, Deployment Actuation, Countermeasures, Intervening Path Calculator, Deployment Actuation, and Onboard Cooling Systems. Playing that, he retrieves Flash Installation Drive from the trash. The New Standard draws Load on Initialization and zaps the big bomb down to {3}, then Benchmark draws Fly-by.

The Monorail hits Omnitron {64} and Wraith {9}, then Impending Casualty enters play. The police shoot OT {63}, then Benchmark discards Tactical Communicator into the Missile Pod to get rid of the Casualty.

EPE goes off for 3 to each hero, leaving Wraith at {6}, Medico at {8} (and Wraith heals to {7} from Universal Donor), AZ at {8}, and the armored Benchmark at {10}. Terraforming is then played, evaporating the Monorail and Police, and playing a second Adaptive Plating Subroutine and a second Terraforming. Omnitron shoots AZ {5} and Benchmark {8}, then the drones bounce off Benchmark’s armor.

Impromptu Invention draws Wraith a Utility Belt, fetches Smoke Bombs into play, and plays the Belt as well. Last Stand switches Omnitron’s plating off Projectile for a minute {62}, while also eliminating the Drones, and then Razor Ordinance hits Omnitron for 5 {57} and makes him projectile-proof again. Draws Trust Fund.

Medico plays Positive Prognosis, which moves one of his own HP {7} to Wraith {8}; the party draws Impromptu Invention, Second Opinion, Modular Realignment, and Upgraded Memory Unit, then the party heals to {9} and {8} and {AZ 6} and {BM 9}. Universal Donor then heals Benchmark to {11}. Draws another Positive Prognosis.

AZ plays Modular Realignment, putting Focused Apertures into play; he burns himself for 1 {5}, then chills himself for 2 {7}, and then chills himself for another 2 {9}. His newly enhanced Elemental Wrath destroys what’s left of the EPE, and he draws Coolant Blast.

Benchmark plays Micro Fabricator, then uses The New Standard to draw Tactical Communicator and deal 1 to Omnitron {56}. Draws Subcutaneous Cybernetics. Firing his Missile Inferno, he deals 1 fire to AZ {8}, who heals himself {10}. Micro Fabricator plays Upgraded Memory Unit; Upgraded Memory Unit plays Load on Initialization. Onboard Cooling Systems hits Omnitron for 2 {54}, heals AZ {12}, and Benchmark is finally done.

Plummeting Monorail enters play, then Omnitron plays S-85 Repair Drone x2 and a Railgun. The Dropship fires on AZ {9} and the armored Benchmark {9}, then heals to {60}.

Wraith plays another Impromptu Invention, and she draws a Throwing Knives, puts one into play from her deck, and plays Trust Fund. This draws another Trust Fund, a Throat Jab, Suture Self, and Razor Ordnance, and she discards Stun Bolt and the extra Ordnance. She then uses the Knives on Omnitron {57}, who becomes immune, and on the two Drones, which she then finishes off with Last Stand. Draws Grappling Hook.

VGDM plays Positive Prognosis; he drops to {7} and Donors his blood to Benchmark, whose Memory Unit doubles the gain {11}. Wraith draws Utility Belt and heals to {10}, Medico draws Second Opinion {8}, Zero draws Cryo Chamber {10}, and Benchmark draws Overhaul Loadout and gets his boosted heal {13}. Medico heals himself again {10} and draws Regeneration.

AZ plays Fueled Freeze to destroy both Adaptive Platings and the Railgun, then blasts Omnitron down to {53}, while the Monorail drops to {6}. With his power, he deals another 3 to OT {50}, then he draws Null-Point Calibration Unit.

Benchmark’s Load on Initialization lets him play its duplicate, triggering the Cooling Systems; OT drops to {48} and the Monorail to {4}. The second Load plays Multi-Point H.U.D., and then comes a series of choices that I ended up undoing and redoing several times. The eventual upshot was that Benchmark played Fly-by x2, dealing 4 to Omnitron {44} and killing the Monorail, before deploying an Overhaul Loadout. In all cases, it draws Overhaul Loadout, Multi-Point H.U.D., & Threat Neutralizer. He ends up deciding to withdraw the Missile Pod, Onboard Cooling Systems, both Load on Initializations, and Multi-Point H.U.D. - this allows him to replay the Pod, so that it will fire after some other pieces of kit, and the Cooling Systems, so that it can trigger again this turn when the HUD is replayed (dropping Omnitron to {42} while AZ heals to {12}, of course). He also plays Subcutaneous Cybernetics and Flash Installation Drive. Moving on to the power phase, he uses the power on Multi-Point H.U.D. followed by The New Standard; he draws Fly-by and deals Cosmic Omnitron 2 Energy damage {40}, then in his Draw Phase he draws Shunt Energy. Initially he had the Micro Fabricator play Subcutaneous Cybernetics, but now that that’s already out he takes an extra card draw, which gets him Benchmark draws Deployment Actuation. As an even more radical change, he initially had Upgraded Memory Unit play Tactical Communicator, but instead that’s the card he discards and then fires from the Missile Pod, and meanwhile the Memory Unit plays Auto-Targeting Protocol. The missile gets a damage boost from the H.U.D. and deals Omnitron 2 Fire damage {38}; that part didn’t happen at all in the first attempt. With the revised timing, Subcutaneous Cybernetics causes Benchmark to regain 2 HP {15}, before and not after Flash Installation Drive moved a card {Deployment Actuation before it was drawn, and then Ally Matrix} from Benchmark’s deck to the trash, but in both cases it puts Intel Analyzer into play. After that, the timelines merge (other than the negligible detail of which card Benchmark discards on the Environment turn), and our time-traveling hero is finally done.

Megalopolis plays Impending Casualty; Benchmark discards Shunt Energy to get rid of it.

Omnitron plays Sedative Flechettes. Benchmark takes 4 through his armor {11}, then discards Intervening Path Calculator (into the Missile Pod), healing back 2 of it {13}. Another Flechette fires on Medico, and Wraith opts to declare him NOT the lowest HP hero, so Smoke Bombs doesn’t interfere with him falling to {5} and getting to Universal Donor another 2 HP to Benchmark {15}, putting him back where he started. Meanwhile AZ falls to {7} and Wraith to {5}. Universal Donor and Benchmark’s various Softwares are destroyed; Omnitron then fires his lasers, hitting Zero for 3 {4} and Benchmark by 2 {13}.

Having gotten quite close enough to the edge for her taste, Wraith plays Throat Jab to stop Omnitron from blasting next turn {36}; better late than never, hm? Razor Ordnance deals its usual 5 {31}, then Throwing Knives adds 3 more {28}. Draws Infrared Eyepiece.

Medico plays Regeneration, gives AZ a Consult, draws Doctor’s Orders, and regenerates {7}.

AZ plays Cryo Chamber, blasts OT for 3 {25}, and draws Isothermic Transducer. Medico regenerates {9}.

Benchmark plays Deployment Actuation, revealing the one card left in his deck, an Ally Matrix; Legion-core Processor comes back to hand from his trash. He uses his innate power, causing a reshuffle and drawing Secondary Cannon; OT falls to {24}, Benchmark draws Overhaul Loadout, Micro Fabricator plays Legion-core Processor, Shunt Energy goes into the Missile Pod, and the Memory Unit plays Load on Initialization. The cooling systems cool COT down {22}, and chills AZ way the heck up thanks to Clinical Consult {9}, then Missile Pod fires on Omnitron for another 3 points {19}. Benchmark heals to {15} and Flash Installation Drive trades a Ally Matrix for a Shunt Energy; also, Medico regenerates {11}.

Yet again, Megalopolis isn’t bothering to do anything to hinder the heroes; Benchmark averts another Impending Casualty by discarding Overhaul Loadout, and Medico regenerates {13}.

Interpolation Beam enters play, and Medico regenerates {15}.

Wraith uses a surplus Grappling Hook to get rid of the Beam, draws Mega Computer, and does 8 to Omnitron with her two powers {11}. Draws Smoke Bombs, and Medico regenerates {17}.

VGDM draws Second Opinion and Immunization, gives Wraith a Clinical Consult, and destroys Regeneration. He plays Healing Pulse and uses it, taking 2 damage {15} to heal Wraith for 4 {9}, AZ for 2 {11}, and Benchmark for 3 {18}, before he draws From the Brink and heals himself for 1 {16}, Wraith for 1 {10}, and Benchmark for 2 {20}.

AZ plays Frost Bound Drain, dealing 4 to Omnitron {7}, 2 to himself {9}, and since victory is clearly assured, he might as well heal himself, so he shoots back up to {13}. He then steps out of the Cryo Chamber, taking 4 {9} and healing 6 {15}. Draws Focused Apertures.

Benchmark gets a power in his start phase and uses Shunt Energy, shrugging off the self-damage and cutting Omnitron down to {3}; Load on Initialization replicates itself, triggering the Cooling Systems {OT 1, AZ 17}, and just for laughs he plays another Software and a Secondary Cannon, activates the Multi-Point HUD, and overkills OT with The New Standard.

I had hoped to tell you the story of my third battle against Omnitron Persei Eight, in which I sought to (and successfully did) allow Cosmotron to run through its entire deck, do its worst against the heroes, and still be utterly defeated by them without breaking a sweat. Alas, I triggered a glitch while playing that forced me to reload from the main menu twice, and thus I don’t have the logs of what exactly I did. But it involved healing AZ back up to full at one point, before he tanked a bunch of hits and wound up back in the single digits with everyone else; I also got all but one of Benchmark’s Hardware into play, and ended the game with an Inventory Barrage, an Immunization in case I failed, Impale finally going off with a Focused Apertures bonus, and then Benchmark doing a really long and complicated turn that dealt the final 20 or so damage to finish off Omnitron, plus all his Drones, and the deathblow was a 3-point Inferno missile that was followed by at least three more. (Had I not done the Immunization, I would probably have bounced those missiles off AZ to heal him, and kept Omnitron alive for a couple more rounds of torment, in the hopes of perhaps finishing him with an Impale just for the Achievement, even though I don’t get those. But I wasn’t about to waste those missiles, so if AZ couldn’t use them, OT got them instead.)