RIP Tachyon

This month in Vertex Comics, The Supersonic Tachyon #48 featured the death of Tachyon at the hands of Glamour, and the beginning of the end of the Vertex universe.

At this point, of course, many fans were probably debating whether this death would stick or whether she would be returning in the next issue; there were two more issues before the line was actually cancelled, which is plenty of time for surprise resurrections in comics!


As much as people joke about deaths not sticking, I do have to point out that Superman was NEVER going to stay dead. A couple collected editions (or maybe the novelization) reveal the behind the scenes. He was always going to come back. Fan backlash and general annoyance at the “Reign of Supermen” stuff only accelerated the process. So I don’t think there was enough time for any sort of resurrection.


That was Miss Information Glamour, right? Given the nature of Twain’s “demise” that turned her into an alt-universe villain, I’ve often wondered if she’s actually incapable of really getting her revenge by killing the F5. What if she’s contagious, and anyone she “kills” actually gets shunted to another alt-u the way she did? From her POV (and maybe the readers’) she probably would never know - she still bumped off the hero in her current universe - and it usually wouldn’t matter. But if there’s any Sentinels character likely to find a way back to Vertex from wherever they wound up after “dying” Tachyon’s high on the list, on par with Baron Blade or some of the mystics.

Having an angry back-for-more Tachyon crop up suddenly just before Vertex ended could be a reasonable fan expectation.


Freedom Six tachyon pulled out just before getting killed?

Actually… I would like to see F6 Bunker get pulled out. Because I LIKE Fright Train, and I find the idea of the guy getting a redemption arc (not happening when he’s paired with Ermine) fun.

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Contrariwise, Superman “died” dozens of times prior to Doomsday, and has probably done so since then as well. The Doomsday thing was a planned capital-E Event with a whole range of associated books, which is why it stuck as long as it did. The other “deaths” were less ambitious bits of corny writing and usually reversed in the story’s climax by being revealed as a hoax, mistaken identity, some convoluted super-scheme, etc. - and that’s not even counting “imaginary story” BS.

Two issues are plenty of time for Tachyon to return and reveal her “corpse” was (say) a co-opted fleshchild or clone or something equally daft. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, Ermine’s a bad influence on the guy. At least she’s more greedy than murderous so she doesn’t drag him down darker (rail)roads with her.

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true enough.

Though I would also say that the pizza cutters (to quote… someone from a live show: all edge, no point), would try to have the corpse be fake… and it turn out Tachyon’s been dead EVEN LONGER.

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Gods, that crowd.

“What if…bear with me here…she never lived AT ALL? Tachyon was actually the specter of an unborn child all this time? Deep, isn’t it?”


That crowd, and it’s prevalence in a lot of modern media, is why I fully endorse the meme of rewriting grimderp settings to be have some kind of lighter meta-narrative. Like Game of Thrones… and it’s really a D&D game with a Gygax-style GM and high player turnover. Or Breaking Bad is a “say no to drugs” production by a community theater group. Or “Walking Dead” is kids playing tag, where everyone who is “it” stays it until everyone is tagged.


Yeah, especially since by this point, Vertex is down to five titles; I’m not sure how far ahead the others would be announced, but there’s a good chance that fans don’t know yet that Tachyon is ending in July, and Ra and Legacy will be over by November, leaving only Prime Wardens and Freedom Five to limp through to March and April of next year respectively. Imagining that Tachyon’s return is going to be the grand conclusion as she outruns the Mist Storm and saves the day could definitely have been a fan conspiracy for a while, followed by “she’s going to be the head of Team Conquest!!”