Rules Clarification on Serpent Rouses in Anger

This ended a game recently, and it doesn’t seem accurate, so I was curious on others interpretation of the final level of the power:

In every land in the game: X Damage, where X is the number of Presence you have in and adjacent to that land.

If I have one land with 7 Presence (and nothing adjacent) and target that land, does every land in the game take 7 damage? Or is the damage calculated per land based on its individual Presence and adjacencies?

It’s the second thing. The damage is figured independently for every land. So if you had a land with 5 :presence: in / adjacent to it and another land with 3 :presence: in / adjacent to it, the first would take 5 damage and the second 3 damage. So you don’t deal any damage in lands that have none of your :presence: in / adjacent to them.