Rules question about mods and odd die pools

Subject came up the other day and I wasn’t sure what the RAI is here. There are few abilities in the game where you aren’t using your own dice but instead rolling someone else’s, for ex:

Combine (A) Remove any number of Legion-controlled minion. Roll their dice and Recover that much Health.


Wild Strength (R) When you defeat a minion, roll that minion’s die and Boost yourself using that roll to create a bonus for your next action.

I suspect the intent is that only mods on the character using the ability apply despite the dice “belonging” to someone else, but I’m not seeing that spelled out anywhere. I’m virtually certain that mods on the die’s “owner” don’t apply either, but again, doesn’t seem to be spelled out. Maybe no mods at all can be applied in these situations?

Opinions? Actual rules I’m overlooking, or some Q&A on a podcast somewhere to cite?

My gut-instinct ruling is “if you can justify it, do it.” It’s a storytelling system, after all. Justify why your boost for having “been inspired” applies to “sucking the life energy out of your fallen foe to replenish your own.”


I definitely don’t think the target minions’ mods apply; yes, their dice are being rolled, but they’re not taking any action — you are — and it’s your turn / reaction, and your ability that you’re using.

As for whether your mods apply . . . I dunno.

Wait, I think that we might’ve already discussed this in my Iron Five thread, starting here. I think that your conclusion then was that any die or dice that are used to determine the value of an action are effect dice, and thus can have mods applied to them.

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Ah, I thought I’d been through this somewhere before. Your memory’s better than mine.

The "use your own mods but not the minions is how I play it anyway, but the question seems to recur every now and then as new people drift into one of my games. Still no official FAQ…gah.