Running Masks

I’ve decided that I really need more rpg-ing in my life, so I’ve put together a group of people to play Masks: The Next Generation. It’s a PbtA game focused on the idea of teen superheroes, taking a lot of inspiration from Young Justice and Teen Titans.

Has anyone here played it before? I haven’t run it yet, and I’ve only run Apocalypse World a couple of times, so I’m not totally sure how it’ll go.

I love PbtA, but Masks hits a genere I have no personal interest in running, so I have only briefly looked through the book.

I'd recommend going to, where I know a lot of people have played it, and asking there.  The community is super helpful.

I ran a few games of Masks. As it turns out my group didn't want to engage with the maturing idenity aspects of the game, which of course is the whole point, so it was a struggle. 

Character creation was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed the system, but it didn't work out for us.

@Blackfang108 thanks, I’ll give that a try!

@Ario yeah, the maturing of characters is a real difference even from other PbtA games I think. I’m planning to give a bit of a speech about how the characters’ sense of identity is going to shift from their initial concept, that adulthood is pretty much inevitable, etc. Hopefully that will set the right expectations!

Yeah, I've attempted a few games of Masks and I met only marginal success with it. Granted, I'm also a very inexperienced GM. I like the idea of growing up as a hero but it's hard to set that expectation.