Scholar, wealth, unity, fanatic promos for sale?

I'm trying to get my hands on the promo cards: unity, fanatic ,scholar, and wraith also bludle and pep. It's tough when you look on bgg and find out that there are a bunch of cards you can only get at cons...any one have copies they would sell me?


Bludle? Pep?

You need to be more specific, particularly about Wraith. There are two different versions of Wraith. There are also a lot more promos than you listed. You can find the list here:

Do you know about the variant hero pack being released with OblivAeon?

I think this is about the Bottom of the 9th Sentinel Promos from Gen Con last year.

Yeah, the gen con and watch it played promos, hopefully, they'll add them as stretch goals as I can't get anywhere near cons this year and I didn't know about the game last year.

Good News! All of those promos are available as part of the Kickstarter, going on right now, at the Executive Suites level!

What if I just discovered this game at Gen Con 2016 and missed the kickstarter?

The Variant Hero Pack will be broadly available when OblivAeon ships, currently scheduled for December, I believe. In the mean time, the Foil Variant Pack will be shipping soon, and there will likely be extra copies of variant cards more readily available after those arrive.

Now I'm confused: I'm pretty sure the OP was originally asking about the Bottom of the 9th promos from Gen-Con last year, not their promos from Sentinels of the Multiverse. (Also makes more sense, since this is the DHM section of the forums :) )

I think you'll have to find them at Gen Con 2017 or another event they are at.  

Is there any way at this point to get the GenCon 2015 promos? I didn't back at the Executive Suites level on the KS for Clubhouse because I already owned the bulk of what was included in that package. Is there any other way that the Bot9 Sentinels promos will be available, or are those of us who discovered the game after GenCon 2015 simply out of luck on this one?

I bought mine on ebay, the only card I'm missing is bludle the noodle, and I can't get my hands on it anywhere.

I thought i saw them recently on board game geek