SCRPG Terror Forms in the wild!

Backers, go check your email for “early” access to the pdf for Terror Forms! It will be available to the public in a few weeks, after GenCon.


Very nice. Was looking forward to this since that creative process episodes.

Are we supposed to get character sheets for Parse, Benchmark, and Unity?

At least what was linked to backers didn’t have character sheets for them.

Yes, that was the cause of my question. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve asked on the update but I doubt I’ll see a reply soon.

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Showed up on DTRPG today over here.

At a whole dollar for the pdf it isn’t exactly breaking any budgets.


Just bought it and read through; looks cool!

I do have a question about the RevoCorp Loaders, though.
The Loaders ‘combine their conditional successes to succeed when taking twists’. What does that mean? Is that only applying to the “if they get the Succeed With Major Twist, they can have three loaders count as success” ability, or does it also apply on minor twists?

I’m pretty sure that the core rulebook has a section saying that, when a minion takes a minor twist, they can have it count as half a success. Yep, see page #156.


Ah, thank you! I forgot about that entirely.