Sentinel Comics RPG Digital Character Builder

Hey All. I've been working for the last week or so on a character builder in Google Sheets. I figured this would be the easiest to keep updated with new versions without having to share out a new file each time. I should stipulate that this sheet is very much a work in progress. All of the basic functionality I wanted to get into it is working, but there are things that I just have not figure out how to do yet, or have not implemented yet. That said here is what I have in the sheet so far:


1. Guided and Constructed Method Building (Minus Divided and Modular Archetypes for now. Need a bit more help putting those it)
2. Auto Selection of Power Sources, Archetypes, and Personalty based on rolls.
3. Filtering of Qualities and Powers
4. Auto Calculation of Health
5. Auto Filtering of Abilities
6. Auto Filtering of Principles
7. Auto Retcon for most features
8. Page References on most features.


I would greatly appreciate any feedback (negative or positive) you can give me, as well as any help. Many of the formulas and calculations are definitely done inefficiently, but for the life of me I could not figure out how to make them work better. If you get a chance please check my underlying stuff and let me know a better way to do things. A few things I could not figure out easily were:

1. Filtering a dropdown box using the results of another dropdown box. (I ended up having formulas on other sheets that reference the first box, that would in turn be accessed by the second box.

2. Hiding features that are not part of the current section (Eg. I had to show all 3 qualities even though some backgrounds only choose 2)

3. A better way to be able to select green powers as yellow powers than what I have set up (Certain archetypes let you do this)
4. The way I filtered Red Abilities based on the available powers chosen is complete insanity, and I know theres a better way to do it. (Check the RedAbilities Tab)
5. I could not find a good way to auto calculate if you chose any Athletic or Mental Powers and then chose the highest die chosen from those. 

I also have a question about one feature on the sheet.

Do you like the previews of the options that appear after you choose your dice? (Eg background shows you the 3 backgrounds before you select one)
I kind of feel that it is redundant as you see all the info below as well, but originally had it to give you a quick look at all of them. I'm just not sure if its taking up unnecessry room or if people like it.


Anyway I hope this helps at last someone out. Please feel free to make a copy, steal anything you want from it, rework it, or just use parts to build something better. I did this for fun, and to hopefully help the community out. All I ask is that if you make something cool with it that you share it here, or at least share it with me so I can see it. I love cool stuff too.


Beeromancer's Sentinels RPG Character Builder

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There are some typos for Flyer that doesn't allow it to find the powers on the GreenAbilities tab.

Thanks Man! Appreciate the find. It has been fixed.

Constructed Mode added.

I really like the previews in guided mode. It helps to see all options at once when making choices.

I figured I’d bump this as the game is out proper now. I’m kind of at a dead end for adding more functionality to it, but if anyone smarter than me wants to tweak this up please feel free.