Sentinels of Earth Prime lay out + design 

I think this is the best place to post this. Format and Lay out are diffrent from SoTM 


Note: Only other backers will be able to see those previews.  

My comment is that I didn't expect the different layout.  However, I'm a fan of how it looks and it separates it a bit more from SotM.  

Same! It's fitting given the source material.

I also dig it myself.

I think it reflects how Sentinels is a Silver Age-inspired setting so it has a card design that reflects that, while Green Ronin's setting seems to be more modern-era so it now has card design that reflects that change.

If the heroes, villains, and environment all have the same general coloring within those categories, it'll also be nice for usability regards quickly remembering which deck goes where.

In fact, some stuff like having character names and keywords bolded/in different font in the rules text and individual hero-based art on the backs of hero decks I admit I actually might kinda like the idea of seeing if/when the future Sentinels Ultimate Mega Redesign project is done.

I don't suppose that any sort of release/street date has been bandied about?  Not getting my hopes up on that, but I figured I'd ask, since I wasn't able to back the KS.

Nope.   Sounds like they won't have a clear idea until they have all the artwork in. 

Kind of what I figured.  Hopefully it'll be out sometime...

For those who check these forums more often than Kickstarter the character preveiw for Siren goddess of the sea is up, now with 80% less fan service

looks like she will be compared to Tempest and have keyword interaction with the refuge