Sentinels of the Multiverse: Disparation questions

Hi there,

I am new to these forums and also late into the Sentinels of the Multiverse game. I first started with Sentinel Tactics when I found that game at my local board game store and thought the characters and miniatures for the game were very cool as well as the game and theme itself. I used to play a lot of super hero MMORPGs back in the day, like City of Heroes and DC Universe, so I appreciated the creative heroes and villains of this universe that Christopher and Adam have created.

When I heard there was a card game for it, I was curious and eventually got the Definitive Edition as well as the Rook City expansion for it just last month and have been loving every second of it. It quickly became my top favorite board game of all time. I have also been listening to the Letters Page podcast everyday while at work and love the lore for this game.

I am curious about this new expansion that is going to be released and have a few questions for it:

  1. Seeing as how I have the Definitive Edition which isn’t really compatible with older expansions, I was wondering if this new expansion will have the remaining heroes and villains that have not yet been added with definitive edition rules, such as Oblivaeon, the Southwest Sentinels, etc.

  2. Is this new expansion the conclusion of the Sentinels of the Multiverse timeline? Or are there more expansions in the works for later down the line?

  3. When exactly is the release date for this expansion and where can I preorder it?

The new expansion will have 5 hero decks that were in EE, as well as one completely new to DE.

There will be more expansions down the line.

I believe they are supposed to be shipped by July next year.

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It will take a total of 6 boxes to re-create the entire lineup of everything that was in the Enhanced Edition. Disparation contains mostly alternate reality, time travel, and alternate dimension stuff. We’re all generally assuming that the remaining 3 boxes will be team villains (what was in Vengeance and Villains of the Multiverse in EE), space and cosmic stuff, and OblivAeon, in that order.

This time around, GtG has not promised that the line will end with those 6 boxes. The door is open for additional content, if the market will bear it. (They certainly have enough ideas.) Whether such boxes would cover stuff they haven’t yet done in the Multiverse timeline, or the post-OblivAeon timeline, or even possibly the theoretical Multiverse Rejoined timeline, is anyone’s guess (probably even C&A’s).


I will definitely keep buying their new expansions on this. I really want to fight OblivAeon someday. I hope they release them all soon. Some more expansions for sentinel tactics would be amazing too, but I suppose that’s wishful thinking.

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Tactics itself is well and dead at this point… but Tactics/Prime War-flavored stuff showing up in the main card game in the form of variants would be interesting considering we’re already getting Wind Walker.

Wind-Walker originally appeared in Disparation, so we could certainly see other Prime War characters who also appeared there. But I wouldn’t expect to see other characters from those timelines. Certainly not the Mist Storm universe, since it was destroyed pretty quickly, so no Omnitron-V, for instance. I suppose we could get Prime Wars stuff, like Shard-Sword Apostate, if we ever get to a Multiverse Rejoined era.

They have said they want to use Prime War stuff somewhere, and the RPG isn’t an opportune place for it, which only leaves DE and the podcast (as any separate product would be hard-pressed not to just suffer the same fate as Prime War).

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