Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Darkest Timeline

So, a while ago, on another forum, I put together a campaign premise for Sentinels of the Multiverse that posits running through a particularly disastrous timeline in which a general cascade of things just keeps going more and more wrong. It was designed to be one part campaign that anyone can run, and one part bits of fanfiction for me to write.

And then I realized, hey, maybe I should post it over here!

I’m running a test of the campaign myself right now using the video game; if people are interested, I can cross-post those campaign entries as well. Let me know. But for now, here are the rules if you’d like to try out The Darkest Timeline!

The Darkest Timeline is a campaign designed to use every hero, villain, and environment that has been printed prior to the release of Oblivaeon. It takes place over the course of thirty-three battles, divided into eight rounds. As each round progresses, the number of battles per round decreases. In each round, the player must use as many heroes as possible, and must fight every villain if possible. (See below for why it might not be possible). You can’t have a hero sit out more than one hero until every surviving hero has sat out at least once.

The first three rounds include five fights each. The next three rounds include four fights each, and the last two rounds only include three fights each. All villains must be fought on Ultimate mode, and if you have that villains’ Nemesis, you have to use them. You get two attempts to fight each villain, and can take whichever result you prefer.

If a hero is reduced to 0 HP during a fight, that hero is defeated - even if you win the fight! The first time that a hero is defeated, they are replaced by one of their variants. If a variant hero is defeated, they are dead. Their deck is removed from the campaign and you can’t play as them or use them as part of the Celestial Tribunal.

The hero variants to be used are as follows:

[list][]Freedom Five: America’s Newest Legacy, Super-Scientific Tachyon, Rook City Wraith, Termni-Nation Bunker, Freedom Six Absolute Zero
]Dark Watch: Dark Watch Mr. Fixer, Dark Watch Expatriette, Dark Watch Setback, Dark Watch Nightmist
[]Prime Wardens: Redeemer Fanatic, The Eternal Haka, Prime Wardens Argent Adept, Prime Wardens Captain Cosmic, Prime Wardens Tempest
]Other Core/Expansion: Ra of Two Horizons, Dark Visionary, Extremist Sky-Scraper, Best of Times Chrono-Ranger, Fugue State Parse, Omnitron-U, Hunted []Naturalist, Adamant Sentinels, Rogue Agent KNYFE
]Solo Heroes: Freedom Six Unity, Scholar of the Endless, Santa Guise[/list]
(Note: Since I’m running this campaign using the computer game, I don’t have access to Extremist Sky-Scraper or Best of Times Chrono-Ranger yet. As such, those two just get a second try if they’re defeated using their normal cards.)

If you have too few heroes left at the end of a round to fight every villain, you have to fight as many villains as possible; any villains you don’t fight win automatically. If you have too few heroes left alive to fight any villains, you lose the campaign.

The first few rounds of the campaign use pre-defined environments, to ensure that every environment is used at least once. After that, you can choose whatever environment you like, with two restrictions: first, if a villain wins a fight, that environment is conquered or destroyed, and is no longer available. Secondly, you can’t use an environment a third time until every surviving environment has been used at least twice, and so on. In the deeply unlikely event that every environment is destroyed before you run out of heroes, you lose the campaign.

The eight rounds run as follows! For the first two rounds, I’ve pre-set the heroes, but that’s not actually required.

[u]Round One: Team-Ups[/u]
Baron Blade vs Legacy, Bunker, KNYFE, the Sentinels and Visionary on the Mobile Defense Platform
Omnitron vs Omnitron-X, Captain Cosmic, Tempest, Sky-Scraper, and Guise in Dok’Thorath
Ambuscade vs Haka, the Naturalist, the Argent Adept, Tachyon, and Unity in Insula Primalis
Plague Rat VS Chrono-Ranger, Wraith, Absolute Zero, Expatriette, and Mr. Fixer in Rook City
Kismet VS Setback, Ra, Nightmist, Fanatic, and Parse in the Tomb of Anubis

Round Two: Heroes Rise
Spite VS The Freedom Five in Megalopolis
Akashbuta VS The Prime Wardens in The Final Wasteland
Gloomweaver VS The Dark Watch and Parse in Pike Industrial
La Capitan VS The Sentinels, Chrono-Ranger, Omnitron-X, the Visionary, and KNYFE in Time Cataclycm
Wager Master VS Guise, the Naturalist, Ra, the Scholar, and Unity in the Enclave of the Endlings

Round Three: Mystical Forces
Citizen Dawn in Freedom Tower
Miss Information in The Temple of Zhu Long
Apostate in The Realm of Discord
The Ennead in The Block
The Dreamer in Silver Gulch

Round Four: Look To The Skies
Infinitor in Magmaria
Deadline in The Final Wasteland
Grand Warlord Voss on the Wagner Mars Base
Mad Bomber Baron Blade in Omnitron-IV

Round Five: Judgment
The Matriarch in the Court of Blood
Trickster Kismet in Madame Mittermeier’s
Heroic Infinitor in the Celestial Tribunal
The Hunters (Plague Rat, Ambuscade, Greazer, and the Operative)

[u]Round Six: Dark Dealings[/u]
Miss Information’s Revenge (Miss Information, Bugbear, Ermine, and Friction)
Kaargra Warfang
The Chairman

Round Seven: Prepare For The Worst
Cosmic Omnitron
The Citizen’s Brigade - Hammer & Anvil, Proletariat, La Capitan, Biomancer
Spite and Gloomweaver

Round Eight: The End Times
Iron Legacy
Baron Blade’s Grand Finale - Baron Blade, Fright Train, Sergeant Steel

I welcome anyone’s thoughts or comments! Would people like to see how I do trying to struggle through every ultimate mode out there?

(Obviously, I may need to take a break as I approach the end of Round Five, since Challenge Mode hasn’t been implemented for Villains of the Multiverse yet. I’m hoping that by the time I get there, it’ll be set up for me. If not, I may try to play it physically and see what happens.)

I just played the first two fights in round one and they were really fun! Made it through Blade with no losses; thought I was going to do the same vs Omnitron but Fletchettes hitting when you have 8 constructs in play AND Thorathian Monolith is v v not good. Sorry Sky Scraper...

This might be because of when you originally posted this elsewhere but these variants are in the video game now


(Note: Since I'm running this campaign using the computer game, I don't have access to Extremist Sky-Scraper or Best of Times Chrono-Ranger yet. As such, those two just get a second try if they're defeated using their normal cards.)

So a rules question for this, what happens to heroes used in a fight that is lost via a lose condition like Baron Blade's beam, the Celestial Tribunal going nuts, beating The Dreamer, or any of the Wager Master's BS.