Sentinels Sidekick for iPad & iPhone & Android

Yep that’s intentional. I thought it was a bit more dramatic for when you go down, and there’s no flipside information shown in the app anyway =)

You can’t really use the app without having cards on the table, so I think it’s ok.

I grabbed the second from the bottom code. This looks like it will be quite useful for my solo play instead of dice. Thanks for all the effort you put into this. Can’t wait to try it out.

And as for SOTM being an actual iPad app? I’ve been dreaming of it since day one…

I’m putting together a minor update to address some of the issues you guys found - thanks! Let me know if you see any other issues and I’ll roll in fixes if possible.

So far:

  • Omnitron and Chairman are never auto-removed
  • Auto-remove works when HP are reduced to 0 as a result of Max HP change
  • New option for iPad: “Show all heroes in portrait mode”

Major new features will be coming in a 1.1 update, but I would like to address any minor things quickly in this 1.0.1 update.

I realize I am stretching here, but could there be any way of making it where you could enter home made stuff(heroes, villains, etc)

The reason I am asking is so that maybe I could add in the playtest info. It also has the side effect of entered other home made stuff as well.

That’s one of the things I have planned for the bigger update. It’s something that deserves to have some careful consideration given for usability, but rest assured it’s in the works =)

I grabbed the 5th code. Just chose it randomly. This looks really useful. I will certainly be using it during my next play session.

Great app, does almost everything I want! The 1.0.1 updates sound good.

For long term updates, do you plan on implementing damage bonuses, reductions, immunities, etc? Basically every icon from here:

Tried it out on my iPhone tonight. Legacy, Haka, Wraith, and Ra versus Spite in Atlantis. Not the best test to check out all of the app’s features. But, the basic functionality was solid.
Maybe tomorrow night my wife and I will try someone with targets in their deck.

Yup, I’m planning to have persistent effect tracking in the next update if feasible. It will focus on damage modifiers since I find that’s the main thing you need to keep track of.

You might take a look at the modifier tracking tokens we’re including as part of the Enhanced Edition of the game, as just implementing a “Tap to add token” functionality might be a straight-forward way to go.

I did see the tokens in the kickstarter update, and I might go that direction. However first I’m looking to take advantage of the electronic format as much as possible… what I’m looking at so far is a kind of “fill in the blanks” concept.

e.g. the template:
damage dealt from to by until

covers a pretty significant chunk of all of the “damage increase/decrease” effects found in the game. I’ve been going through the decks looking for all the effects to come up with a small number of templates that provide good coverage and make sense.

Of course Infernal Relics will probably throw everything for a loop but we’ll cross that bridge when it arrives :wink:

That’s a good idea. Are you thinking that users could create their own “tokens” using that template system, or just that that’s the internal template the app will use? If you expose it to users, you could pre-populate it with a few default options so that the basics are covered and are easy to choose, but users could also make their own custom “tokens” to cover situations you didn’t anticipate.

Perhaps add ‘prevent’ and ‘make irreducible’ to the increase/decrease options.

Also, perhaps add a second template:

Make damage dealt from to be until

I’m going to play with the UI but I would like to expose the ability to create any kind of token that fits within the system.

arenson9: that’s just one example of a template, there are a few to cover the different scenarios that come up from the cards.

1.0.1 has been submitted, with the following fixes:

  • New option for iPad: “Show all heroes in portrait mode”
  • Omnitron and Chairman are never auto-removed
  • Auto-remove works when HP are reduced to 0 as a result of Max HP change
  • Fixed one of Voss’ card names (the Translocator was “Gene-bound” instead of “Quark-Drive”)

Judging from recently app store times it should be approved within a week.

Now I’m going on vacation, but I’ll pop in here once in a while =)

Cool. I would love to learn how to create an iOS app. If you’ve got any tips on how to start and/or are willing to share the code, please let me know. I’ll certainly understand if that’s not appropriate.

The best way to learn is just to jump in =). I recommend the “grapefruit book” found here. I started with the iOS 3 edition but I’m sure the new editions are just as good or better.

I can’t share code for this app (and it wouldn’t teach you how to create an iOS app), but there’s all kinds of sample code and tutorials out there on the net.

Had a chance to try this out finally. Expatriatte, Legacy, Tachyon and Wraith against Spite in the Ruins of Atlantis. The features that are currently incorporated were great. I wish it could do all the math for me though :stuck_out_tongue: Spite was a real brain burner figuring out damage.

If >G chooses to get behind you on this app then I think this would be a great use of the wonderful art on the health trackers from the Rook City campaign that they are discontinuing anyway. Great art and a great place to use it.

I’m hoping to try this out again with a villian that has minions to see how that goes. Dice have worked really well for me for small targets and knitting counters have been great for heros and villians. But this is a great way to have it all in one place.

Looks quite simple, elegant, and convenient! Now if only I had an iPad…

I redeemed the 4th code - will be interesting to see how it works and such :slight_smile: