Sentinels Sidekick for iPad & iPhone & Android

Heya, this is my first post on the forums, so please bear with me – I don’t want to come across as spam! I’ve been playing Sentinels of the Multiverse since we (Handelabra Studio) had a booth next to >G at PAX Prime 2011. We were booth neighbours again at PAX East this year, too!

After playing the game a bunch and fiddling around with hit point tracking cards and tokens and dice and whatever, I decided enough was enough. I’m an app developer, I’m making an app! So, I did =)

The result is Sentinels Sidekick - a hitpoint tracking app for SotM that just came out on the App Store (finally). It’s a Universal app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

And since I would love to get some feedback from you guys, we’re happy to share some promo codes:


My dream is to make an electronic version of the game itself, but for that I would need Chris to answer his emails… poke poke =)

Update: If you’re looking for the Android version you can find it on Google Play or Amazon Appstore.

John! Hi!

I WILL get back to you (SORRY! Things are CRAZY right now) but not until after everything has been sent to the printer. Expect to hear from me early June.

Also, I need to get an iDevice of some sort, apparently… grin

I’ll keep an eye out for an android ap, I have an android phone and kindle fire.

I actually had a Windows Mobile app that had some of the same functionality. Though, trying to keep track of everybody’s HP and damage modifiers with a Dell Axim using a standard Windows Forms app isn’t exactly too enticing.

Oh, and if anyone on here likes the idea of Presidents punching Presidents (and if you don’t, WHY NOT?!) you should check out Handelabra’s game “Uncle Slam”! It’s a lot of fun - we got to see it at PAX Prime last fall and then again at PAX East this spring! Seriously, go take a look.

Nicked the first code and downloaded. I’m at work right now, so I can’t look at it in depth, but it looks good so far!

I took the second code. Downloading now.

For those who can’t/haven’t downloaded the app, here’s a description: everything happens on a single screen, with the villain and environment along the top and the heroes around the bottom/right/left. You touch an area (hero, environment, villain) and a popup appears where you can choose which one to put at that position. For villains and heroes, you’re presented with that character’s hit points which you can plus up or minus down to keep track of the current total. There’s also a second tracker per character for max hit points (nice touch).

For the heroes, it doesn’t track cards in any way [see update below], but for the villain and environment, it lets you lay out any of that deck’s cards that have hp and then track the hp & max hp of each one separately. For example, when I choose Pike Industrial Complex, the only choice for adding a card to that area is to add “Escaped Lab Rat”. But if I choose Insula Primalis, I can add a T-Rex, pterodactyl, or velociraptor.

I checked what would happen when you lay out Matriarch, since you’re likely to subsequently lay out a zillion birds. It’s easy enough. Once you have too many cards to fit inside the villain’s play area, you have to scroll that area to see all the cards. Not bad.

There are options for randomizing the game, you can turn on/off the option to have a card automatically disappear when you drop its hp to zero, you can tell it to include Rook City or not, and you can even toggle whether you want to allow duplicate heroes. The best option is toggling it so that the screen never locks while you have the app open – a must since I think it would kill the utility of the app if you had to swipe your iPad back to life every time you had to update anything in the app. There are also links to web resources such as the rules from the SotM website, the forums, boardgamegeek, etc.

I dig the app. I think they need to strike a deal with SotM right away so that the app can include official art, 'cause that would make it even awesomer. I would also maybe make a suggestion about the layout of the areas on the screen – right now it’s laid out like you’d actually have players sitting around a table, which is fine, except that the heroes on the right and left are rotated 90-degrees (it’s basically just like the playmat). That would make sense if you’re going to lay the iPad in the center of the table and have everyone reach in to update their hero’s hp. But another way I can see this being used is for a single person to keep the iPad next to them while everyone plays, and in that use case, all the hero areas should perhaps be oriented to be readable in portrait mode. Maybe that could be an option? Also, adding +/- trackers for damage dealt or other things would be sweet.

Great job. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I spoke too soon about it not tracking hero cards. If you choose Visionary, it does in fact let you lay out any number of Decoy Projections. These guys think of everything. :slight_smile:

Oh, I just realized what those little symbols next to the hero hp totals are – the app will automatically show you who’s the highest and lowest hp! That’s pretty great.

I just checked it out on my iPhone (the above info was from iPad). It’s essentially the same, but with the smaller screen real estate available, not everything happens on a single screen. You add the hero/villain/environment like usual but then you hit a button to add cards and are taken to a separate screen where the cards for that entity are displayed. When you’re done, you go back to the main screen and you’ll see “1 card” or “3 cards” or however many cards you’ve added to that entity. Press that to get back to the cards you’ve laid out. It’s a perfectly good way to handle things on the smaller device. It looks like on the iPhone, all the heroes are oriented to be read in portrait mode.

Definitely. Having official art would make this, well, awesomer. Not to mention that it would make referencing specific targets go more quickly.

I figured you guys were just totally blitzed with the kickstarter and everything, no problem. I’ll look forward to it! =)

Spiff: I’m glad you like it! I definitely tried to make it cover all the bases the game has to offer in terms of hitpoints (i.e. max hp, possible targets, card ordering). Good suggestions too – we’ll look into having an “all portrait” option for iPad. For iPhone it’s all portrait because the geometry just doesn’t work having the side heroes rotated on that aspect ratio.

Some things we’re planning for next updates:

  • Damage modifiers and other “effect” tracking
  • Automatic synchronization between multiple devices for the same game, e.g. if everyone at the table has their own iPhone
  • More robust and useful information lookups (card FAQs etc)

Official card art would be the bomb, but I’ll have to wait for that email from Chris :wink:

BTW, the last screenshot on the iTunes store preview webpage is a photo of the app in action during a game. Let me see if I can attach the iPad one here…

  • Automatic synchronization between multiple devices for the same game, e.g. if everyone at the table has their own iPhone

Ooh, that’s titilatingly close to being able to play the game remotely with friends over the internet. Me likee.

If only I had a device that I could use with the app. It looks really neat and would be fun to toy around with. Guess i’ll stick with the good ol’ classic of pen and paper. Though if I ever get a little handy device I know what will be the first thing I look up.

Looks pretty nice. My cats keep knocking the dice off of the table, so this is definitely going to be tried out next game.

I did notice that cards aren’t removed when they get to HP due to lowering the max HP. Not a big deal since you can just remove the card anyway.

Good catch – I’ll fix that for the next update.

Thanks! I’ve redeemed the third code. It may be Thu before I can give the app a proper try.

Minor issue. If the Chairman is brought down to 0 HP when the setting is to remove cards that have 0 HP, all villain targets go away, even though the Operative might still be active. I’m guessing this is true of Omnitron, too. I suppose the solution is to not use the setting where cards go away at 0 HP.

Hmm interesting. I actually put in a flag to prevent a card from being removed at 0 HP no matter what – but I only set it for Baron Blade. I didn’t realize the implications of the rules for Omnitron and the Chairman, and will set that flag for the update.

Also it looks like it’s removing heroes when they hit 0… but they still get to use their flip-side abilities when they’re incapacitated. Don’t know if it’s too big a deal if players have their cards out, but it might be worth remembering.