Sentinels-themed Brawl decks (rate my build?)

So long story short: Brawl is one of the very cool games in the Cheapass Games catalogue, a real-time card game styled after fighting games. I got into it because of the Dicebreaker video on it:

Anyway, now that GtG are handling (or will be handling?) the Cheapass catalogue, it seemed appropriate to make some decks for Sentinels characters. So, I drew up the following:

Bases x4
Clear x2
Press x2
Red Hit x4
Blue Hit x9
Green Hit x5
Blue 2-Hit x2
Green 2-Hit x1
Red Block x1
Green Block x2
Freeze x3

Bases x6
Clear x3
Red Hit x6
Blue Hit x7
Green Hit x8
Blue Block x2
Freeze x3

People who know Brawl: any thoughts? Have I made Tachyon ludicrously OP?

Oh, wow, liarliar! X-D This is a brilliant idea!!! :-D 

I'd have to play them to actually see how balanced they are, but conceptually Tachyon seems appropriate. Fanatic might need more Presses, if only just because she's someone who is not going to back down when someone stops her. ;-) 

Thanks! I think you’re totally right, she’s absolutely gotta have one or two more presses. Might make her slightly trickier to play, but that’s fun too.

Hey, if I assembled these into some actual decks and used art from Sentinels on the cards, do you reckon Adam would be okay with that? Obvs it wouldn’t be for profit, but it’s still his art.

I doubt it will be an issue. Spiff created a bunch of things for Sentinels using their art, and they were fine with it. As long as it's just a fan effort and not an attempt to make money, you should be fine. 

(I, however, am not a representative of GTG, though, so you might want to send a message to and ask permission, though. :-) 

Fair enough! I might put something together first, and send an email if I want to put it online anywhere - because if I know my motivation levels, I might not make it all the way to ‘actually completing a deck’

Well, the decks are made and the email is sent! Hopefully I’ll hear back soon :)

I heard back and they said it’s cool, so here they are!