Background: Tragic
Power Source: Training
Archetype: Wildcard
Personality: Jaded


  • Principle of Chaos
    • During Roleplaying: You are an unpredictable free spirit. Even towering intellects can’t predict what you will do next.
    • Minor Twist: How did you fall in line in order to get something done?
    • Major Twist: What has caused you to become predictable and stale?
  • Principle of Liberty
    • During Roleplaying: You believe strongly in freedom and always side with the oppressed. You can never truly be mentally restrained.
    • Minor Twist: How do you become temporarily trapped?
    • Major Twist: How have you become a prisoner yourself?

Status Dice & Health Range
Green: :d10: — 28-22
Yellow: :d8: — 21-11
Red: :d6: — 10-1


  • Agility :d6:
  • Gun ‘n’ Sword :d10:
  • Momentum :d8:
  • Presence :d8:
  • RocketBoard :d10:
  • Vitality :d10:


  • Close Combat :d8:
  • Imposing :d8:
  • Ranged Combat :d8:
  • Sweet Moves :d10:

Green Abilities

  • Gritted Focus|R|After rolling your dice pool for the turn, you may take 1 irreducible damage to reroll your entire pool.
  • :attack: :boost: :hinder:|Sick Stunts|A|Boost or Hinder using RocketBoard. Use your Max die. If you roll doubles, you may also Attack using your Mid die.
  • :overcome:|Principle of Chaos|A|Overcome a situation in a way that is truly unpredictable and use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a hero point.
  • :overcome:|Principle of Liberty|A|Overcome in a situation where you are restricted or bound and use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a hero point.

Yellow Abilities

  • Back At Ya, Loser!|R|When you are attacked by a nearby enemy, the attacker also takes an equal amount of damage.
  • :attack:|Extreme Overkill|A|Attack using Gun ‘n’ Sword. Use your Mid die to Attack one extra target for each bonus you have. Apply a different bonus to each Attack.
  • :attack:|Wild Spray|A| Attack multiple targets using Gun ‘n’ Sword. If you roll doubles, one nearby ally is also hit with the Attack

Red Abilities

  • :attack:|$&@#%!|A|Attack using Gun ‘n’ Sword and at least one bonus. Use your Max+Mid+Min dice. Destroy all of your bonuses, adding each of them to this Attack first, even if they are exclusive.
  • :attack:|Ultimate Ride|A| Attack up to three nearby targets using RocketBoard. Use your Max+Mid dice against each of them. You cannot use your RocketBoard for the rest of this scene and until it is recovered or repaired.

Out Ability

  • Remove a bonus or penalty of your choice.


Not to be confused with Neal Adams’ one-issue wonder Skate Man from back in 1983. :slight_smile:

Not a criticism, but what’s the intent of the RP quality Radical Anti-Hero that you still needed take both Ranged Combat and Imposing at a d8? I could easily see it filling in for both most of the time (and then some), which would let you grab something less anti-heroically radical for those two qualities. Probably just me envisioning what it does differently than you are.

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Very tangentially, to learn more about Skateman, I highly recommend Jon Morris’s book The League of Regrettable Superheroes: Half-Baked Heroes from Comic Book History:

Yeah, I can see what you mean. Although my solution is different than yours. I think that I’m going to replace Radical Anti-Hero :d8: with Sweet Moves :d8:.

I think that the problem was that Radical Anti-Hero was much too broad for a Roleplaying Quality; it basically just describes everything about the character, so he could pretty much use it in any action. (Well, unless that action wasn’t radical, but why would you want to take an action that’s not radical?) It’s like if The Wraith’s Roleplaying Quality was Stealthy Vigilante or something. She could use that for practically everything.

Plus, this change remedies a huge oversight that I made creating Sk8-Blayde: he didn’t actually have a Quality to do cool stunts with with his RocketBoard! (Unless those stunts involved combat or intimidation.)


I’ve seen it via the library, and poor Skateman gets ripped on in blogs and on youtube rather regularly as well. Not one of Adams’ better efforts, but TBH, the idea of a roller derby/martial arts hero isn’t a bad one for a street level super. I could see doing a semi-serious character around the concept.

I was kind of wondering if that aspect was folded in under Radical Anti-Hero, or if you’d be better off turning Imposing into (say) Acrobatics as your “skateboard quality” instead. Seems like that’s the right “defined” quality anyway - although you could make an argument for Fitness too.

We tend to lean toward pretty broad usage of RP qualities in my neck of the woods, although you need to give some ideas of what definitely isn’t part of one. Even “Because I’m Batman d8” leaves Bruce with some things outside of his wheelhouse.