Social Rolls

Hello, newbie here.

If I want to do an overcome roll but I don’t have any qualities or abilities that have anything to do with interacting with people, how do I build my dice pool?


If you can’t make an argument for any power/quality your character has then you roll a d4 for that power/quality.

So if my character needed to do a feat of strength but has no Strength power I’d use a d4 for that part of the dice pool, then looking over my qualities I have Fitness at a d10 , then I use my current status die which for this example is a d8. So my dice pool would d4, d10, d8 for that overcome.


Ok I see. So basically sub in a D4 for anything you can’t make work with your existing powers/qualities.

Thank you!


Welcome, @McBamf! :smiley: Glad to have you join us!

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This game could truly be subtitled “Justify It! The Game”, and that’s not a bad thing, as long as everyone is on the same page.
For example, no social powers, and you need to convince the mayor to let you into the archives to track down a magical book? You notice an Imp, similar to the ones you’ve fought before, spying outside the window. With Strength+Ranged Combat+Status, you fling the mayor’s nameplate out the window to strike the Imp, showing the mayor just how urgent the situation is.
If you have a really big hammer, every overcome check becomes a nail.