Some Helpful guides to Spirit Island.

Here's a list of guides for Spirit Island that should be helpful.  If you find guides on this or other sites that are good, post a link in the comments, I will check it out and likely add it to the list.

Spirits Guides:


pktt's guide to Serpent SLumbering beneath the Island


Phantaskippy's Guide to Phantasms:
Part 1: River Surges in Sunlight
Part 2: Vital Strength of the Earth
Part 3: Lightning's Swift Strike
Part 4: Shadows Flicker Like Flames
Part 5: Thunderspeaker
Part 6: A Spread of Rampant Green
Part 7: Bringer of Dreams and Nightmares
Part 8: Ocean's Hungry Grasp
Part 9: Keeper of the Forbidden Wilds


Other guides:

Eric Reuss's (the Game's Designer) Spirit Path trends list.

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Awesome, thank you so much for making the sticky thread

Any idea when you might get back to more of these?

I just got done with a really busy time, and now it really depends on if I win in the upcoming election, I hope to get 1 or 2 done before then.  Probably the expansion ones.

This is such a fascinating response!

No kidding. Election for what, one wonders...

Local Council.  We have some people that are either stealing or mismanaging funds so we are trying to get them out of power, and allow the FBI better access to records.  (It's much easier and effective when they can get stuff without a court order)

Honestly I am hoping they were stealing, because then you can fix things by not stealing anymore, if they got us into bad deals we can't get out of it will be worse.

I can't even say what municipality because they will find this post and then try to mess with stuff.

Good luck on that Phantaskippy.  Despite it not being great still I do hope it’s theft.  

I know right?  It feels wierd realizing that crooked politicians are preferable to inept ones.

Yet such has always been the case, crooked guys can at least get something accomplished after all

FYI, all of these are linked from their respective Spirit pages on the Wiki. If anyone else wants to make guides, the Wiki can be a good place to host it, if you wish, and if you let a Mod know, we can always add it to this thread!

I didn't win, but I learned a lot and will do better in 2019.  I did however get a nasty cold (from a virus and not at all from standing in cold rainy weather for 12 hours.).  Keeper's guide is mostly done, I got hung up on running some numbers that turned out to mean nothing, I'll try to get it finished early next week.

Sorry to hear all of that.

This sounds like a great attitude. I wish more of our politicians and leaders expressed your willingness to learn for the future.

Thanks for these guides, they are great!!


Is one comming for Sharp Fangs?   

Help! - The links appear broken…

That must be because they’re links to the Old Forums, @Loki37.

I’ve found them all in the New Forums for anyone to use until @phantaskippy updates his post:

Brilliant thank you so much :slight_smile:

No problem. B )

Sorry, I’m new here and just found this website through another – none of these links work at all. Am I missing the obvious? thanks