SOTM: DE digital version confirmed! Development starts in 2024


I am extremely excited about this :smiley:

and more ODD :slight_smile:


Hoo boy… Already sunk over 2000 hours into Enhanced Edition Digital. Think I can break my record with this? Still enjoying physical Definitive Edition, but it reaches the table far too infrequently and it’s hard to hype up others for it as much as I am. This should make solo game setup infinitely easier and take care of all the bookkeeping that’s probably my biggest gripe with the tabletop game.


I feel like I’m gonna go all in on this just because it’ll be easier to keep than physical, and I don’t have anyone to play that with anyway.


It’s so much easier to do solo games in digital…

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I’m sure I’ll go all in for digital, but will probably still buy up all the physical DE sets since I was a late adopter and didn’t get EE other than the video game.

Also, you gotta figure development starting in 2024 means Digital DE sometime in 2025 at the earliest. Even if Disparation takes 16(ish) months from funding to fulfillment, you’re still looking at about a 4 year difference in release of core SotM DE to the digital. I just want some more new content to keep me busy in the meantime.

Yeah, the irony is that at this point in my life I’m more likely to finally get to move to a place where I finally have room to run a solo game of Sentinels before digital actually comes out.

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Finally, I will be able to play on digital!

I wonder, though. Seems like late 2024 or early 2025 is when we’ll probably see the campaign for the next expansion. And I’ve had a two part theory that A) the next expansion will have the Team Mode, and B) Handelabra has been holding off doing DE digital until those rules are worked out, given that (to my understanding) Vengeance was that much of a pain for them, with having to almost redo the whole engine.

I know none of these things can be confirmed without violating potential NDAs, so I’m not asking. But would be interesting.

2025 is a realistic date, but I see them wanting to release it in 2024 for a 10th anniversary of the video game.

I’m so happy !!!

I love to play DE but I don’t have much time. I guess I played it twice last year.
Having the digital version would be excellent.
I guess after all this years it will e time to say goodbye the the first SotM digital soon™

I don’t care if it came for the 10th anniversary, early 2025 or late 2025. I want the best possible.

I’m realy curious about how they will implement events.


Glad to hear everyone is excited - so are we!

Vengeance existed when we started implementing Sentinels digital, so it was already planned for; we didn’t have to redo anything. It was a lot of work of course, with lots of content and new UI layouts required, etc.

We have some exciting ideas! :grinning:


Any chance any planned scenarios like weekly one shots could be coded to work based on set deck lists instead of random seeds? That way their behavior won’t change (or will at least only change on a shuffle) when doing library and engine updates. Random seeds could still be used to generate scenarios, but I’m imagining an ability to import and export generated setups.