SotM full set vs new Definitive Edition

It looks like some characters and environments overlap with the original game’s complete set. (I’m 5-10 variant cards short of a complete set in the giant black box)

Is it possible to get just the cards and parts from the definitive edition I don’t already have? Or is it a different game mechanically and incompatible?

If it’s incompatible, does that mean there will be big box sets and expansions, etc, just like the first edition? Am I looking at buying into another 3000+ card set for this new format over the next 6 years?


It is a different game, even if some cards have the same names.

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They have plans for six boxes for all of Definitive Edition (DE) which includes the core box. As to how many cards it’ll have at the end is hard to say. Currently the second box Rook City Renegades is in process of printing/shipping from China. It’s expected next year there will be another KS or crowd funding effort for the third box expected to be called Disparation. If you want to review what the plan for DE is you can review the existing funded KS campaigns Sentinels of the Multiverse: Definitive Edition by GreaterThanGames — Kickstarter and Sentinels of the Multiverse — Rook City Renegades Expansion by GreaterThanGames — Kickstarter

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Every deck in definitive edition has been overhauled. Even if you were only getting cards with updated rules text (leaving aside art and flavour text updates), you’d still be replacing almost every card in the game.

I put together some deck comparisons for the Freedom Four, Insula Primalis, and Baron Blade if you want to check out how much they’ve changed.

Has anyone tried the insanity of playing both DE and EE versions of a hero in the same game with conversion rules? I only have EE digital and DE physical, so I can’t do it. Seems like double Legacy could boost a team to crazy powerful! Some kind of timey-wimey shenanigans for that to happen…

This sounds like streamable fun. c.c