SotM Variant Unlocks: Storyline Chronology

Hey all, I am a new SotM enthusiast. I want to work my way through all the variant challenges in the video game, but the guides I’m finding list them in alphabetical or card-type order. I’d really love an order that puts them in chronological order, either for the story, or for ease of unlocking order.
Has anyone come up with one of these? Or have any suggestions?!

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As I come across good ideas for this, I’ll post them here!

Hi! Are you looking for the variants from the original edition, or from Definitive Edition? I don’t have the original edition list, but here are the variants from Definitive Edition core and Rook City Renegades, with their appearances:

Legacy First Appearance Oct 1948
Wraith First Appearance Oct 1948
Haka First Appearance Oct 1948
Ra First Appearance Jul 1954
Bunker First Appearance Mar 1955
Tachyon First Appearance Aug 1957
Absolute Zero First Appearance Aug 1958
Nightmist First Appearance Aug 1962
Tempest First Appearance Mar 1965
Captain Cosmic First Appearance Mar 1970
Mr Fixer Black Fist Sep 1972
Argent Adept First Appearance Dec 1972
Fanatic First Appearance Sep 1974
Alpha First Appearance Oct 1974
Expatriette First Appearance Mar 1981
Mr Fixer First Appearance May 1986
Alpha Reporter October 1988
Fanatic Haunted Dec 1988
Wraith Detective July 1989
Unity First Appearance June 1990
Setback First Appearance Apr 1991
Ra Backdraft July 1994
Haka Werewolf Oct 1995
Bunker Stealth Suit Nov 1995
Setback Dark Watch Jul 1999
Expatriette Dark Watch Jul 1999
Nightmist Dark Watch Jul 1999
Mr Fixer Dark Watch Sep 1999
Harpy First Appearance Jan 2000
Nightmist Mentor Jan 2000
Harpy Blood Raven Oct 2000
Alpha Alpha 2000 Oct 2000
Setback Fey-Cursed June 2002
Unity Scavenger Nov 2002
Harpy Dark Watch Aug 2003
Expatriette Eclipse April 2009

Thanks for your fast response! My husband and I own the physical copy of the orginal as well as all of the expansions since then. But we do not own a physical copy of DE. For the video game, is it safe to assume this is the DE? We have the base and all of Season 1.

Ah, I see.

No, unfortunately Definitive Edition doesn’t have a video game version (yet). The video game uses the original Enhanced Edition, which also means it has a lot more variants. Some of them are on the table above, but for the rest, you will have to look elsewhere. If I have time later, I’ll try to pull a list together.

Thanks so much :).
I’ve played with many of the variants on the video games by just clicking the unlock button. But now I want to reset it and go through the challenges and really get a story out of it. I only got the video game a month ago, but when I get into something, I hyperfocus and dive deep. This is a fantastic game!

Chrono-Ranger: The Best of Times can be unlocked using only the base heroes (any base or variant) and Ambuscade from the first mini-pack.