Christopher and Adam provide an update.


My brother-in-law had similar but less serious cervical vertebrae issues a while back, with extreme pain accompanied by the numbness in one hand that followed the misdiagnosed “cardiac event” Christopher described back when this started. His case didn’t require disc replacement and took about three weeks to return to work after surgery. Full disc replacements appear to average 3-5 weeks for full recovery, although the actual times are wildly variable from case to case and any estimate should be taken with a grain of salt.

No matter how long it takes, we can only hope Christopher gives his recovery enough time. Concerns about the podcast or overdue RPG Kickstarter fulfillment are far less important than his health.


Hey @bailey, once he wakes up from surgery, have Paul et al lock him out of the system/office until he gets the all clear from his doctors. Only minorly joking.


I’m glad to hear that Christopher has great doctors, a solid support system, and is optimistic about his path forward. Here is hoping he gets that surgery scheduled soon and that all goes well. I would also like to say that I’m not at all concerned about him making anything up to us while he recovers! I still have plenty of Rook City Renegades to enjoy.

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I will only take make-up podcast things in the form of things that don’t involve Christopher.


Glad to hear there’s better information now and a plan for treatment and recovery. Still take it easy and don’t push too hard to jump right back in.

At the risk of crossing a line I’ll quote Boba Fett saying “He’s no good to me dead.”

Seriously, though… Sending good vibes for a swift positive resolution and relief from a feeling I can’t even imagine. Is there a Dr. Medico, M.D. in the house? :hospital::man_health_worker:t2: