Spirit Island + Branch and Claw + Jagged Earth two-box storage solutions

I thought I would share with everyone how we got all the currently released Spirit Island content into the base game box plus the Branch and Claw box. We don't have any inserts or anything, and don't sleeve our cards. I think some inserts would be better from a durability standpoint, but with so much packed in here, there's not too much room for stuff to shake around and so we haven't had too much trouble.

Branch and Claw box

Clear out the box of all inserts.

  • Stack all Spirit Panels
  • Next to the Spirit Panels, put all the Spirit player tokens in bags
  • Reminder cards take up any extra room

The lid lifts by a couple millimeters. We use a rubber band around the middle of the box to make sure it stays together but this might not be necessary. Those Spirit Panels sure make a solid stack of cardboard!

Spirit Island box

Clear out the box of all inserts. We keep one tray for the Blight and Invader pieces because we find that convenient during play.

Cards, from left to right, are:

  • Freestanding - Spirit progression cards, original Blight cards, Sea Monsters, and any other misc/superseded stuff
  • First pile - Blight, Fear, and Event cards
  • Second pile - Spirit power cards
  • Third pile - Minor powers
  • Fourth pile - Major powers
  • On top of fourth pile - Invader cards

The rubber bands are just to keep the cards together, so they don't have to be tight or bend the cards.

Next, in the upper half of the box:

  • Lay out the Branch and Claw token board and Fear dividers in one layer
  • On top of that goes the original Invader board, and next to it the Adversary cards and Scenario cards in a pile
  • Above that, the tray we kept containing Blight, Explorers, Towns, and Cities
  • Then, bag up all the tokens, energy, Dahan, and so forth. We had to put the extra 6-player Invader pieces in separate bags, but we put all the Beasts, Wilds, Disease, etc. into one bag per token type.
  • The Dahan, Energy, Fear, and probably one or two other bags will fit in the space between the cards and the Invader tray. Try to put as much as you can here so that the Island Boards lie flat in the next step.
  • All 6 Island Boards go on top of the Invader tray. You have to fit the narrow end of the Island Boards on top of the major power pile.
  • Remaining token bags will pack around the Island Boards. We were able to do this without adding any extra height above the top of the Island Boards.
  • All 3 rulebooks will fit on top

We don't have any lid lift on this box when we're done.


Has anyone else found a more elegant way to get all the content together?

That sounds quite elegant indeed! :D

Do you never play with the base-game Blight cards?

Not since Events were added to the game. I thought there was a note somewhere about that, maybe in the Branch and Claw rulebook, that the Events and new Blight cards were supposed to act together.

Anyway, moving two cards to another pile won't affect this storage scheme much! ;)

The note says that you should not use the new Blight cards when playing without Events. You are welcome to use the old Blight cards when you are using Events. (And, of course, you can play as you like!)

Your storage solution sounds practical! I just got my Broken Token insert, or I might try it out.

I use just one box for my storage solution. I took a video of it in case people are curious on what it looks like. The white box contains all of the cards, sleeved.


i just use 2 of the folded space inserts. 1 for the base game box. 1 for the jagged earth box.
with those i even have rome to spare.

i was thinking of making my own with the laser i have acces to. but at the price point of the folded space insert and the weight…