Spirit Island Deluxe Island Boards

I’m an avid Spirit Island player who has logged more than 100 plays since I bought the game last year! As such, my island boards are starting to show A LOT of wear, especially around the edges and the pointy part of the board. Are there any plans to release a “deluxe” island board of any kind? Something that’s made out of wood maybe? I know my friends and I would pay a premium price for such a product!

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Welcome! Glad you found the game! :smiley:

They haven’t mentioned anything like that, that I’ve heard. :confused: However, there is the neoprene map of the thematic board that is great, if you think you’d enjoy that. (The new one, not the old one. The new one came with the Jagger Earth Kickstarter and is great for use with the game. The old one is basically a beautiful poster. :wink: ) Not sure where it’s available, though, unfortunately. :thinking:

But you could contact GTG directly at contact@greaterthangames.com to ask about potential future options. If they get enough requests, they might consider it – or at least make replacement boards available.


Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately, I can’t find the neoprene mat for sale anywhere. I went ahead and contacted GTG to see if deluxe invader boards were something they would consider offering in the future. Here’s hoping!

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