Spirit Island UK availability?

Is there any availability of Spirit Island in the UK? If not, when will it be restocked?

Welcome to the forums, @Coolman007! :smiley:

Greater Than Games (and all other small gaming companies) has really been significantly hurt by the global shipping issues. :frowning: (There are lots of articles / commentary on the topic out there, but here’s a pretty comprehensive example.) GTG has made public comments alluding to the fact they have a LOT of product that is just waiting its turn to start on its way. Until that happens, no one has games. :sob:

Sorry for the bad news. :pensive: Don’t know if you’ve checked out the digital version, but that’s an option in the interim. :confused:


Can this take many months?

I have no idea, but it basically started with the impacts from the pandemic around a year ago, so yeah, it might. :frowning: I don’t have any inside information from GTG, so I don’t know specifics about their situation. This might be a better question to send to them at contact@greaterthangames.com or you could contact your local game store(s) and see if they’ve been provided any insight into the situation through their distributor. :confused:

Good luck!