Steam Mini Packs

I am late to the party buying Obliveon. I noticed there is a code for a free mini pack 3 on steam, but there is already a free mini pack 3 from the Shattered Timelines box. I have physical copies of everything and Season 1 and 2 on IOS (yes, I know Steam players can play with IOS players). I even bought the base game on Steam as well and have the 3 mini packs that were free from the physical boxes. Rather than buy everything a 3rd time I was wondering if that Obliveon code might have been intended to be something else? I am sure this has been brought up in the past but more likely years ago when it came out. Thanks! Much love for SotM!

I’m pretty sure those codes that come with the physical boxes were all for Mini Pack 3. If you already have the game on Steam then really all can do with it is offer to someone else who doesn’t have it. I know people have offered their code to someone over on Reddit and Steam.

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I have 4 total free codes, mini packs 1, 2, and 3(twice)

Weird I thought it was only mini pack 3 as that’s all I’ve ever seen or heard come up. Regardless, if you have no use for them then you can offer them up to others or toss them.

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