Strange glitch with Dark Watch (with a Guise cameo)

No, we’re not in the Celestial Tribunal; Guise is poking his head in only because, within a day or so of the glitch I’m mentioning here, I had another game in which Guise spat out a line of dialogue that I’m 99% sure I’ve never heard or seen before, and I’ve read the entire thread of Guise jokes. Sadly, I was too busy at the time to note it, and I recall neither the line nor the situation that triggered it, so all we’ve learned is that Guise still has more gags up his sleeve that the community seemingly hasn’t found. Not much of a revelation, which is why it’s only a cameo appearance in a thread that’s actually about something else.

Anyway, the main point of this game is to mention a glitch (or a highly counterintuitive rules interaction, but my money is on glitch) which cropped up in a very recent game; I forgot to send a bug report for the game, but I believe I have the log saved, so getting a report sent is probably doable eventually. It was a game of Dark Watch versus Challenge Progeny (which I nearly won, losing mostly due to a very stupid Ambitious Racketeer, who took this moment while an omnicidal monster was destroying his entire city to be like “them Dark Watch heroes have busted me for the last time; I bet the Chairman will pay me big after I tell him I rubbed them out!”). I took this match to confirm exactly what would happen if I combined Jack Handle with Friendly Fire, and the not terribly surprising result was that after Fixer damaged Progeny, he said “yes” to a Friendly Fire instance, which then became more damage to Progeny.

But somehow, both on Fixer’s own turn and during an incap turn for Nightmist (she never found the Amulet or Mist Form, so she was the first one that side B Progeny took out), the entire cycle happened a second time, seemingly triggered by my destruction of a card due to Bitter Strike. So not only did I get to hit Progeny for 5 damag and then 4 damage (due to Grease Monkey Fist and Harmony), but I did so twice on his turn and twice on Nightmist’s, for a total of 36 damage that round. And possibly a couple rounds in a row. (Yes, I still lost; he was basically invincible until I got this setup running. Still, this is why I said I came close to winning; had Progeny not taken out Setback, this death machine would certainly have taken him down, however illegally.)

If I do indeed have the game report, and can find time to comb through it, I’ll see if I can figure out what effects were in play. Still, I’m about 80% sure, based on the situation as I first observed it, that no legal effect in the game, let alone the ones actually present, could have accounted for the observed outcome.