Streets of Arkham Basic Action Clarification

The Streets of Arkham’s Basic Action reads in part:

[A]fter placing . . . Investigators in . . . [1 or 2] Lodge(s), a Raid is initiated immediately for all other players[.] . . . The active player on the Streets of Arkham will
not be raided at this time[.] [Emphasis not mine.]

Fate of the Elder Gods Main Rulebook, page 14

My question pertains to the interpretation of “other players” in the above text. Which player(s) is/are being excepted?

  1. Is it all players other than you (the active player)? The second sentence that I quoted above says the same thing, but maybe they were just being really thorough.
  2. All players other than you and the player(s) whom you just placed Investigators in the Lodge(s) of? This would explain why the second sentence exists.

At first, I played with interpretation #2, because I thought, why would they say to exclude yourself twice? They must be referring to some other other players. But recently, I’ve been playing with interpretation #1, because I thought that that was the intent of the rules. Why would you not get to Raid the players whom you just gave Investigators to?

Well, I’d appreciate any insights you might have in the matter, so that we can interpret the writings of our Great Old Ones most accurately and hasten their release.

It’s all players other than you, the active player. The repetition is just for emphasis.

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Thanks for confirming my hunch, @dpt. I will continue to play that way!