Stuntman Exterminates the Sentinels Universe

In the vein of “The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe”, I present Stuntman starring in an Ambuscade Studios production of an Ansel G. Moreau film, “Stuntman Pacifies the Final Wasteland”. A sequel to the world-renowned blockbuster “Stuntman Versus the Cult of Gloom”, this installment sees Our Hero, along with 2-4 of his various comedy sidekicks, and his archenemy Gloomweaver transported to the Final Wasteland. His mission: bring lasting peace to the despairing remnants of humanity by wiping out every single one of the cultists, zombies, monsters, cult relics, and Voodoo Pins, and then torment Gloomweaver for a while until even the Lord of Despair loses his appetite for suffering and futility.

The gameplay is normal, but your objective isn’t just to win against Gloomy, it’s to feed every one of Gloomy’s villain targets to the Unforgiving Wasteland. (You’d be within your rights to stack the deck so that UW is the first Environment card played; I just got lucky.). You must then run at least once through Gloomy’s deck, which now consists solely of three Vast Followings and a Strength of the Grave, with the five Zombies, six cultists, six pins, three relics, and Ophidia all removed. You must also have removed every Cryptid from the deck except for a single Skunk Ape, which will be Stuntman’s merchandisable pet after the movie blows up at the box office. By far the hardest part of this task will be getting the Mongolian Death Worm killed; No Time to Bleed and maybe a Hidden Mine might help with this, while some Stylish Armor keeps the Ape from hitting Stuntman and triggering the Mine prematurely. When I tried this, the Mine ended up killing Gloomweaver, so I didn’t get the full villain-torturing experience; maybe the right alternate companions will help.

The attached screenshot shows my progress toward obliteration a few rounds before the end; I didn’t think to Meanwhile the lethal Mine and grab another picture before the game ended. Lets see if you can succeed where I failed, and achieve total box-office domination![/xtremeversevoice]

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Was able to pull a version of this off again; I stopped short of fully exterminating Gloomy’s cards, since it was getting tedious to avoid killing him, but I did manage to fully clear the Wasteland, including the Mongolian Death Worm. That was very hard; depending on whether one or two Skunk Apes are in play, you either need to deal 6 or 7 damage, no less or more, during the interval between the Worm entering play and the final Ape devouring it. L’Embuscade plus Coute Que Coute and possibly another+1 are the best way to do this, but I had spent them early on other things. In the end, with Coute and Galvanize up, I had to have my Dramatic Cliffhanger fire Lance-Flammes for 4 first, to avoid triggering the destruction clause, and then play The Usual Solution to hit something else for 4, destroy my own Coute, and then hit the Worm for exactly 2, allowing the Ape to drag it off.

While Gloomy died mercifully quick after that, I did have time to eat all five Zombies, two Relics (never saw the Drum), three or four Cultists, and all of the pins except maybe one. With Legacy and Dr Medico in the party, I literally couldn’t get anyone but the Doc to take any damage; whenever Universal Donor was triggered, the other two were at full HP (though UD still forced me to pick a target every time, which got annoying). Though Medico had to bounce back from single digits, the game ended with all heroes at full HP. The Final Wasteland is safe again… for now…

I’ve previously used Haka to collect all of the targets from Gloomweaver & Voss’s decks, leaving them nothing to do (except, in the case of Voss, make some pitiful attempts to fight).

Right now, I’m letting the Final Wasteland empty Voss’s deck, with Environmental Allies protecting the heroes, and Dr. Medico actually healing Voss to keep him from dying at the claws of the cryptids. And Omnitron-X is helping Voss get through his deck more quickly…

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