Team vs Team

Did a bunch of searches, but couldn't find anything that matched what I'm asking.


Anyway, what attempts, if any, have been made to do a Team vs Team battle?  Imagine it as a sort of Danger Room training exercise where heroes are divided up into two teams of three or four heroes.  No villain.  The Danger Room can be one of the environments.  


Is such a thing even possible?  Or is it broken from the get-go based on how the hero mechanics function?  

Some people have attempted to do PvP in Sentinels, but I'm not sure how it went. I expect someone will be along shortly with links to every PvP thread on the forum, lol ;).

PvP!  Didn't try that as a search.

Here is a link to a PvP forum match.

I do a decent amount of PVP, 1v1 isn't very balanced at all, 2v2 is good, 3v3 is the best team fight.

My favorite is 1v1v1, it is a bunch of fun, and crazy, it is all about knwoing whento turn on who, and with a clever group has all sorts of interplay.


You may also be interested in: Sentinel Tactics !

But what if we don't want to wait that long for our Legacy-on-Bunker action?

Well, there is a fanfic section, and a shipping thread.

Oh god, that is putting so many wrong images in my head.  Legacy does have impenetrable skin, after all.  Perhaps he requires more intense sensations than can be provided by mere flesh?  (His poor wife.)


Speaking of which, will the kickstarter be up soon for that? I am sure you would love to take my money. lol.

If I remember correctly, I believe it was stated to be sometime in spring.

I think you’re right I remember hearing we’d get an announcement sometime after GSF and Vengeance were released.

I just hope they give an option for playtesters again.  I have money this time.

Sounds like I have to request them to never offer playtesting status ever again.

Me too! My boyfriend promised me he'd play for playtester status for me for my birthday, so if playtesting's not available that means >G screwed me out of a present. You guys might want to think about that… :wink:

That hurts man.  Deep down.



:frowning: I would love to playtest too. Got into the SotM world too late to do any of the kickstarter's for the playtest option! (I did do the vengenence pre-order so I guess that is a step in the right direction!)

I know I said I wouldn't resurrect threads, but is anyone willing to play and/or organize a Team v Team game?

I'd be willing to play.

I'm off in Chicago.


(also, we'll call a cleric when we're done.)