The Letters Page: Episode #215 - Disparation Vol. 2 #103

Good Girl Galactra is here for some passionate heroics!

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Interesting opening topic. Due to my food-reviewing proclivities, I currently have far too many open bags of chips for the number of free chip clips in this house.

Oh cool, she gets to be Captain Cosmic! :smiley:

So I guess if the Fervor is generally hands-off with the Galactra we know, it’s because she’s spending all her time messing around with this one.

What a crazy finale. XD This was a great episode, I’m way looking forward to the rest of this month.

I can’t believe they brought it back around to KNYFE and Orbo. XD\

Ooh, Omnitron-X confirmed for Definitive Edition! :open_mouth:

I love this question about Soothsayer Carmichael.

I agree with Adam, human bodies are fundamentally gross. :smiley:

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They would have a much easier time talking about all the universe-hopping with the introduction of the term “world-line,” which is the physics way of saying “the path an object takes through spacetime.”

So, where are you on the fleshchild spectrum? Shudder Fleshchildren are gross.

The after-credits! :rofl:


Woo, I got a whole THREE letters answered today, my cup runneth over!
While it makes sense that this Captain Cosmic doesn’t run into Null in her first appearance, I’m glad they’ve confirmed that there would be a story with the two of them (and Materio) later on. And that there would be some nice emotional drama between the three of them, cos I live for that stuff.

I’m also very happy with the outcome of the Fleshchild discussion - all this talk of souls slightly confuses the issue because what a soul is and does seems to vary a lot depending on the comic in question, but it definitely seems like the more fully-formed fleshchildren are absolutely people. Nice to have a definitive, horrible answer :smiley:

I’m going to get more confused by the Omnitron-X situation every update, I swear. After last time, I was comfortably sure that there had always been two Omni-Xs wandering the timelines, but now we seem to have clarification that there was only one initially, and then it branched into two selves after the Free Radical event due to timeline shenanigans.

Still, a great episode overall, and I loved their excitement as they hit on Inversa-Orbo in the middle of the recap.

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Gotta admit, I completely spaced out during that letter. @_@

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The upshot, as I understood it, was that there are two versions of Omni-X intermittently in the main universe, only one of whom becomes Omni-U.

Gonna need the Spider-Man pointing meme with the two Omnitrons now! :robot::point_right:t2::point_left:t2::robot::laughing:


See, this makes me wonder (and I sent in a question about this) if there’s actually the “prime” Omnitron-X that stayed in the future, and just sent back multiple iterations of itself to various times (some early-ish Terminator stuff, comics prior to T3, IIRC, did this, with Skynet did a shotgun approach, and the terminators in T1 and T2 were the only ones we see). So when one got isolated by damage to it’s time-hopping, another iteration was sent back earlier, and that’s the Singularity one.

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